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    How long does it take estradiol to come back after a crash

    Since my doctor managed to crash my estradiol and caused me to seek out another doctor, I figured I would ask this question... How long does it take estradiol to come back? Thus far all I was told is that it will take some time by the new doctor, but he really didn't want to give me a window...
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    Estradiol - How Long to Recover After a Crash?

    I just started a protocol of 50mg T M-W-F, 300iu HCG M-W-F and .25mg Anastrazole M-W-F. My starting total T was 1200, Free T was 31 and Estradiol was 45. This was on 250mg T per week and 1mg of Anastrazole per week. My first few days on the new protocol I could feel that I was starting to...
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    Crashed Estrogen, seeking advice and experiences.

    Hello everyone, I bought an AI over the internet that is a permanent inhibitor. It goes by "elim1nate" and is made of arimistane. I am not on any testosterone treatment and have never been, but decided to take it for gyno reasons. I took it for two weeks, started feeling absolutely terrible...
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    Estrogen crash causing permanent apathy/lethargy - by destroying your dopamine neurons?

    Ive been on trt for 2 years now and had a estrogen crash this fall. From that point on I've been trying to redial my Ai protocol, and at the moment, im at a point where i've decided to ditch my arimidex completely. One of the thing that is worrying me is the fact that I cant seem to shake of...
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    Possible estradiol crash, help needed.

    So as I posted before I started TRT a year ago at 180mg of test and no AI and lowish SHGB (21). My first labs showed that my TT was 1400 and my FT was mid range, possibly due to my elevated E2 (81). I reduced my dose to 140 mg of test and 1-1.25 mg Arimidex per week. I decided to lower my...
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