crash e2

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    Estrogen still crashed 7 weeks later!

    Just got bloods e2 is still at 12! My joints still ache my appetite is dead,mood went from female mindset to dead mono can’t feel emotions whatsoever! My test is at 1500+ Free t 408! I’m on 250 mg of test prop a week! I think all the dht conversion from test prop is keeping my e2 low! As I...
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    low e2 symptoms didnt go away after crash

    So long story short i crashed my e2 levels using anastrozole during anabolic steroids cycle. That was 1 year ago. Im on trt. I had awful symptoms when i crashed it and i discontinued anastrozole 1 year ago. Thing is symptoms still are there, I tried to up my T dosage, tried HCG in big doses...
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