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  1. J

    Paradoxical Increase in Adrenal Activity from Exogenous Test?

    All the literature I've read suggests that exogenous testosterone tends to have a suppressive effect on adrenal (and potentially thyroid) activity. It makes sense -- if your body has enough hormones, you won't be generating as much pregnenolone -> other hormones (including cortisol downstream)...
  2. M

    Cortisol results. Super confused.

    I got my saliva cortisol results back last week and I’m super confused. Is this adrenal fatigue? No wonder I’ve been feeling like crap lately. @morpheuz can you shed some light on these results?
  3. T

    compound vs isolation exercises - stress <-> testosterone. heart health

    It's often said that using compound exercises is the best for boosting T. If working out regularly and also having the desire to lower cortisol etc, because one's particular physiology would benefit from that, would isolation exercises be better at increasing T? Also would use of isolation...
  4. Hormetheus

    Many overfixate on testosterone -the thyroid is just as important

    I am a final year med student and have been replacing my hormones for multiple years. I post this because I want to raise awareness that it is not just testosterone. One thing I frequently notice, is that many males are really fixating on testosterone (e.g. whether adding HCG or different doses...
  5. Hormetheus

    Adrenal fatigue: The best methods to increase cortisol naturally

    Hey, I am a final year medical student. For years I had life-impairing fatigue due to low-cortisol issues. After doing a LOT of research, I collected a list of methods we can try to raise our cortisol naturally and therefore to help get rid of HPA-dysfunction. I share this here because I am...
  6. Hormetheus

    I replace all my hormones. Here is what I learned.

    I am new to this group. Thanks for having me. I want to share my journey with hormone replacement because I believe it might be useful to others. My story: I am a medical student in my last year. I replace all of my hormones. In early twenties my life was starting to go down the gutter. My...
  7. H

    Numb Penis, Anorgasmia during Sex, Low Cortisol, High Prolactin on TRT

    Have been on clinic TRT after AAS abuse as a 24 year old male for 3 years. My natural levels were 691 at age 24 prior to my reckless, careless decision to hope on anabolic steroids at 24. Since then I've tried to come off several times but always ended up inevitably relapsing when the pct or...
  8. W

    High Cortisol & Insomnia

    After swapping to E.O.D injections I've had horrible insomnia. I'm exhausted but my brain wont shut off. More commonly you'll see posts about falling asleep for a couple hours then cant go back to sleep. This is very similar. Going through a lot of posts on here I've noticed others with...
  9. P

    HPTA Recovery Log to Re Start Testosterone Production

    Hello everyone. Following my failed attempt at restarting my natural testosterone production, I'm back on HRT in the form of 500iu HCG 3x p/w. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current issues: Always cold, especially extremities Absent Libido...
  10. E

    Times of Day for 4-Tube Cortisol Test?

    What times during the day should I take the saliva samples? I have a kit from Labcorp but theirs is keyed for taking one sample a day, while I want to do 4 samples in one day. I'm not sure when during the day to take each sample.
  11. E

    LabCorp 4-Tube Saliva Cortisol-- ideal timing?

    My primary care doc RXd some labs for me so my insurance would cover them. I will be sharing the results with Defy but am not sure I'm going to continue working with Defy (long story). One of them is the LabCorp 4-tube saliva cortisol test. I have the test kit, but it specifies doing it over...
  12. V

    Early morning wake ups

    I have this issue that started shortly before TRT but TRT like exaggerated it. I tend to wake up very early like 5-6 AM, feeling hot and energized and many times cannot fully fall asleep after that. I suspect it is some issue regarding cortisol. My TRT regiment is 20mg sustanon daily and 100...
  13. F

    Low T / high normal TSH, low fT3&4 / low normal AM cortisol...what's causing what?

    So I've retested some tests at a different lab and there are many things that are out of range. I don't know where to start, or how to go about with treatment, or what is causing what, or if there is a direct connection between any of them and one of them is throwing the others off. I don't...
  14. W

    DHT and Cortisol

    Yes, this study is in monkeys. However, the different response to T and DHT is interesting. Perhaps, this is why scrotal T cream calms some people down. Dihydrotestosterone differentially modulates the cortisol response of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in male and female rhesus...
  15. V

    Tried Methylprednisolone for low cortisol replacement

    Hey, a quick background, I had a saliva cortisol test in the past. Dr Saya said 8am was low-about .25ish (max is .6) He also said noon cortisol made a huge drop. I tried some methylprednisolone. (2) 4mg tablets in the morning for 2 days. Maybe a slight boost in energy but did nothing for...
  16. Gianluca

    Less Thyroid equal more Cortisol?

    Does Having a suboptimal Thyroid cause cortisol to be secreted more?
  17. M

    Hypoadrenalism, Insulin resistance and Muscle wasting

    I'm looking for information on treating hypoadrenalism, insulin resistance and muscle wasting concurrently. From one study it shows that the combination treatment of hydrocortisone and norandronolone-19-phenylpropionate, anti-catabolic effects were almost abolished (1). Moreover, I read in a...
  18. B

    New to TRT

    Hi all, I am 9 weeks in. Any ideas as to why my cortisol crashed 50% and T4 dove as well? I must say that I have pretty lazy with the pregnolone... could that be it? thanks, Mike 1. Testosterone cypionate 200mg/mL, 0.3mL twice weekly, 2. Anastrozole 0.5mg/mL mixed in with the testosterone...
  19. D

    How does Trt affect cortisol, and sexual function?

    How does TRT affect cortisol? I had my AM cortisol checked last Thursday and it was a little high: 23.5 mcg/dL (4.0-22.0 lab range). Should I be concerned or is this basically normal? I've had trouble getting clear answers about what constitutes a high AM cortisol level and what I can do about...
  20. A

    Estradiol stimulates cortisol production

    I was looking for something else, when I came across this study: Estradiol stimulates cortisol production by adrenal cells in estrogen-dependent primary adrenocortical nodular dysplasia. - PubMed - NCBI It's an old study and it has been performed on a single patient with ACTH-independent...
  21. DragonBits

    What are good optional blood / metabolic tests to take?

    I was looking at tests that are beyond the one's typically needed for TRT. I already get the the typical TRT tests that are recommended by Defy and most doctors. I do tend to have trouble staying asleep and in keeping my LDL chol low, but I am looking for health wellness in test in general...
  22. M

    Testosterone propionate for TRT

    Hey guys, I just want to report my experience with testosterone Propionate. I would love to hear anyone else’s experience. I had been on TRT for two years. I was on Test Cyp for 2 years. I felt better on than of first it but I would get flu like symptoms with it, fatigue, no recovery for...
  23. lemonflavor

    Case Challenge: Chronic Opioid Use Causing Adrenal Insufficiency

    Case Challenge: Chronic Opioid Use Causing Adrenal Insufficiency Sickle cell anemia patient develops opioid-induced endocrinopathy while on chronic opioid therapy. I found this interesting even without the opioid component. Lab numbers are included in the article. She was either at the low end...
  24. M

    Nandrolone, oxandrolone effect on HPA

    Hey guys, I’m curious if anyone knows that anabolics such as oxandrolone and nandrolone effect on cortisol is? I know that oxandrolone disturbs signaling between AR and GR thus decreasing cortisol from binding to receptors but I wonder if it affects mostly muscle tissue uptake of cortisol...
  25. lemonflavor

    I found some old cortisol lab results - thoughts?

    I'm going to be getting ACTH and the 4x a day saliva cortisol test done ASAP. I really hope this might shed light on some problems, and hopefully help, but we'll see. I don't want to post a whole story, but I've dealt with depression, fatigue, anxiety, etc. most of my life and recently feel...
  26. Will Brink

    Lower Cortisol/reduce stress with whey?

    Whey protein never fails to amaze and surprise me for its long list of potential benefits. One unexpected benefit of whey may be that of a mood elevator and antidepressant. This effect of whey is actually not a new finding. I wrote about that in an article on how whey may assist weight loss in...
  27. Nelson Vergel

    The effects of six-day SSRI administration on diurnal cortisol secretion in healthy volunteers

    Send to Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2018 Dec;235(12):3415-3422. doi: 10.1007/s00213-018-5050-1. Epub 2018 Oct 3. The effects of six-day SSRI administration on diurnal cortisol secretion in healthy volunteers Ronaldson A1, Carvalho LA2, Kostich K3, Lazzarino AI3, Urbanova L3, Steptoe A3...
  28. N

    22y/o - sudden weight gain on trt

    Wondering if this is a cortisol issue 22 yrs old, TRT + HCG for about 7 months Background: suffered from all symptoms of low test except for issues with weight. I was tested 6 months prior to starting trt at serum 490ng/dL (low for my age but not devastating) tested again a month before...
  29. V

    Should I bother with figuring out the DHEA Pregnenolone Cortisol puzzle with Test should I choose to use a PED?

    Hello everyone. Recently, I have been trying to figure out why despite taking 200 mg/ml test in 1 ML dosages split twice a week, I still feel like shit a lot of times. On top of regular psychological issues, Im trying to figure out what I could be doing to get to the fabled golden zone that...
  30. A

    Cortisol issues with HCG ?

    We know the chain is HCG-->pregnenolone--->progesterone---->17-hydroxyprogesterone, which converts to cortisol. Is this why it is common to have issues with HCG? Seems people on the forum are moving away from HCG.
  31. C

    33 yo w/ Free T/SHBG of an 85 yo guy & no libido for 2 years - help!

    Hi everybody! Stefan here - longtime reader and fan of this forum and web site. I've got some real puzzling libido/testosterone issues and have reached an impasse about what to do next. I'm 33 years old, married, have kids and would like more. Body fat somewhere between 15% and 20%. Main...
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