compounded cream

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  1. C

    Numbers look decent but ....

    Switched to compound cream 200mg about 2 months ago from injections. Using 3 clicks in the am (1 to scrotum and 2 on shoulders). Libido is good . Numbers are great, even better than injections but feeling extremely tired and unmotivated. Total T - 1230 (300 - 1000) Free T - 305 (46 - 224)...
  2. K

    New to TRT - First Protocol Results

    New to posting but have been reading here for a while. 28 years old. I got my blood checked earlier this year as I have been getting persistent lack of motivation, depression, anxiety, brain fog, unable to focus, memory problems, low libido etc. Worst ones being probably lack of "drive" and...
  3. C

    Feeling on cream vs injections

    I have used both creams and injections. When on injections I feel a jittery nervous kind of feeling while on cream I feel more calm / relaxed. Anyone else experience this or have any thoughts on why this might be?
  4. S

    Anyone been on cream for 3+ years?

    Curious to hear from guys that have been on cream long-term. Have you been stable on a cream protocol for a long time, and if so, have you had to make minor adjustments along the way or change application sites?
  5. C

    Cream Injection Combo

    I know I have seen posts from folks using combination of compound cream and injections. Those who are - are you applying cream every day?
  6. C

    Compound Cream application

    For those of you using compound cream do you apply once or twice a day and where?
  7. C

    Cream causing irregular heartbeat?

    Have made 2 attempts to switch from one weekly injections to compound cream however each time I do I develop an irregular heartbeat within the first 3 - 4 days of using the cream. Do you think the cream itself could actually be causing this or could it be just my body adjusting to something new...
  8. A

    For those on injections + cream

    For the people on injections + cream.. how does your protocol looks like?
  9. T

    Protocol change? Need advice

    I have many of the same issues that I see here everyday, not great energy, low libido but its better than before trt. I've been on injectables for 2 years. My current weekly protocol is 100mg T, split SubQ twice per week and 500 iu HCG twice a week. I just got my labs back and have a consult...
  10. A

    Scrotal Transdermal Testosterone Cream

    Any guys having luck with testosterone cream applied to the scrotum? I was just prescribed 20% testosterone cream, 100 mg to be applied to scrotum every morning in addition to my Test C 50 mg subQ twice/week to help out with my libido. My DHT was 56 no/dl (30-85). After the fourth day I do feel...
  11. B

    Cream/Injectable Dosage Conversion

    Hi all, Can someone fill me in on dosage conversion between injectables/creams? For example, I currently have 200mg/ml cyp cream. My prescription is 1-2 clicks per day, or .25-.50 per day, working up to as many as 4 clicks per day. While speaking with a different doctor about my situation, he...
  12. C

    Cream vs Androgel

    For those of you who have tried both which one to you have most success with - Androgel or Compounded Cream?
  13. W

    How should I start on shots?

    I may start on shots because I am tired of applying the cream and to avoid contact with others at home. Is 100mg of Cypionate a week a good place to start or is 50mg twice a week better to avoid peaks and lows and to avoid getting a high E2? My current SHBG is 15.
  14. Nelson Vergel

    Video: Testosterone Replacement Options

    In theory testosterone replacement should approximate the body's own natural production of the hormone. The average male produces 4 to 7 mg of testosterone a day with plasma levels in early morning and lower levels in the evening. Women produce around a 12th of those rates. Testosterone...
  15. K

    Applying compounded test cream

    Hey guys A question: Is there a risk in applying compounded testosterone cream (not pharm gel) to the scrotum? Better? Worse? DHT issues? Thanks! Kaes
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