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  1. tareload

    Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial

    Story hit this week in high impact factor medical trade journal: Will be interesting to see where this goes. Gives some perspective on how these trials are conducted and the sausage making.
  2. J

    Antioxidants Improve Sex Hormone Levels

    Fifty infertile men were given supplements to improve their condition. There was also a control group of fifty men. The supplements improved hormone levels, but not sperm counts. The abstract says: A total of 100 idiopathic infertile men aged 23-46 years were included in the study. Control...
  3. J

    Keto vs. Plant Based Diet

    The diets which have recently gotten the most attention in the media are the ketogenic and low fat plant based diets. Up until now there have been no studies comparing the two diets head to head in a controlled clinical setting. But now there is, a crossover study where the participants ate each...
  4. J

    Testosterone and Exercise for Non-hypogonadal Older Men

    Putting non-hypogonadal men on testosterone in order to reverse muscle wasting. The article says: Eighteen non‐hypogonadal healthy older men, 65–75 years, were assigned in a random double‐blinded fashion to receive, biweekly, either placebo (P, saline, n = 9) or T (Sustanon 250 mg, n = 9)...
  5. J

    Metformin Reduces Muscle Growth from Resistance Training

    A new blinded study found that metformin reduces muscle growth from resistance training. A cautionary note to those taking it for anti-aging purposes. The full text of the study is available at the link. Progressive resistance exercise training (PRT) is the most effective known intervention for...
  6. J

    Testosterone Does Not Affect Empathy

    The abstract says it all: The capacity to infer the mental states of others (known as cognitive empathy) is essential for social interactions, and a well-known theory proposes that it is negatively affected by intrauterine testosterone exposure. Furthermore, previous studies reported that...
  7. J

    Blood Pressure Spikes in Fat Rats on Testosterone

    A report on adverse effects of testosterone supplementation in a rat model. There;s no mention of the dose given to the rats. I've heard that in anabolic doses, steroids can increase blood pressure. No journal article to link to, just this news report: "Recent findings will be presented today...
  8. Nelson Vergel

    Many Clinical Trial Results Are Never Published

    We only get to see what pharmaceutical companies want us to see. Hardly any negative data is published. "A new analysis of 585 large, randomized clinical trials registered with finds that 29 percent have not been published in scientific journals. In addition, nearly 78...
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