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  1. Blackhawk

    Nandrolone for a cancer patient?

    I have had a very rough go with a blood cancer for the last 2 1/2 years. I've lost weight, and more importantly, muscle mass, as my body composition has shifted due to inactivity and in ability to exercise. I am down to 135 pounds, and my weight is still ever so slowly decreasing. There are...
  2. D

    TRT after treatment for prostate cancer

    In the spring of 2020 after being on TRT for 5 years, I stopped suddenly last year when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer with 9 of 12 biopsy cores were cancerous and Gleason score of 6. There was no abnormality detected in rectal exams. My PSA had gradually increased to 11 over a period of...
  3. B

    Question about cancer and hrt

    My uncle has stage 4 liver cancer and the oncologist said he has approximately one year. Nobody really knows why you get cancer, some say it's because of environmental factor, others say because our dna starts to decay. I believe it's a bit of everything that is toxic to our bodies. I want to...
  4. Fernando Almaguer

    sulphorophane for cancer and longer healthspan

    Hi fellas, Wev'e started to grow broccoli sprouts at home and harvest them in 3-5 days. They grow without soil in mason jars with little effort. There are studies to see why folks who eat more vegetables live longer and stay healthy longer. One of the phytochemicals showing a lot of beneftis...
  5. M

    Study: MRI-guided ultrasound treats prostate cancer with few side effects

    New treatment for Cancer, looks promising, they heat the cancer cells with ultrasound.
  6. J

    Association of Testosterone Levels with Cancer

    This study finds little correlation between the two: "We evaluated the association of circulating levels of total and free testosterone, and of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), with the risk of cancers of the pancreas, kidney, and brain, and of total and free estradiol with the risk of...
  7. J

    FDA Finds High Levels of Carcinogen in Metformin

    From Yahoo News: The U.S Food and Drug Administration said on Wednesday it had found high levels of a possible cancer-causing impurity in some versions of the popular diabetes drug metformin. The agency is reaching out to companies whose drugs had N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) over accepted...
  8. J

    Loss of Testosterone Increases Melanoma Risk

    This study of castrated mice shows that loss of testosterone decreases neutrophil activity and increases risk of melanoma. Injecting the mice with testosterone pellets removed the risk. The full text of the article is available online. "Here, we show that in castrated male mice, neutrophil...
  9. Will Brink

    Creatine as Cancer Fighter

    Yet another potential benefit of creatine is that of an essential immune support supplement via energy for antitumor immunity. While this is a mouse model, there’s no reason to think it does not apply to humans as the cellular mechanisms are essential the same: “...our results have identified...
  10. Gianluca

    Does long term high doses of Vitamin B6 B12 cause cancer?

    I was searching some data on B vitamins and I came across a few studies linked to an article on Do B vitamins increase the risk of getting cancer? Studies linked long term high dose B 6 12 vitamins consumption and smoking to lung cancer. Ok the subjects were smoking. But I found...
  11. B

    Almost 5 years with advanced prostate cancer, and the negative effects of hormone therapy and no testosterone

    Hi all, I am a GWM, 59, who has been poz for 33 years. Almost 5 years ago I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer (metastasized to the bones, such as shoulders, spine, rib cage). My PSA had gone from 3 to 43 in a year and a half, and I had been ignoring signs like: difficulty ejaculating...
  12. J

    Increased cancer risk on Viagra/Cialis/Levitra? recently posted a video about a possible connection between the use of PDE5 inhibitors like Cialis and Viagra, and an increased risk of prostate cancer as well as melanoma. Below is the link. I've been a long time user of Cialis, and hold in great esteem...
  13. Nelson Vergel

    Long-term aspirin use associated with reduced risk of dying from cancer, study shows

    Long-term aspirin use associated with reduced risk of dying from cancer, study shows Long-term use of aspirin is associated with lower risk of dying from various types of cancers, including colorectal, lung, breast and prostate cancer, according to a study presented at the 2017 American...
  14. M

    Possible Role of Androgen Receptor in Various Cancers (not just prostate)

    Have you seen this study Androgen receptors beyond prostate cancer: an old marker as a new target Javier Munoz, Jennifer J. Wheler, and Razelle Kurzrock Abstract Androgen receptors (ARs) play a critical role in the development of prostate cancer. Targeting ARs results in important salutary...
  15. Nelson Vergel

    Startup claims its test finds cancer early, but where’s the evidence?

    A San Diego-based startup called Pathway Genomics released a blood test today that it says can detect mutations associated with multiple cancers. If true, the $699 test would be a big deal for medicine because it could be used to catch cancer before a person shows symptoms. But Pathway Genomics...
  16. Vince

    New test can predict cancer up to 13 years

    By Sarah Knapton, Science Editor12:00AM BST 01 May 2015 Genetic changes can predict cancer up to 13 years in the future, according to new research. Harvard and Northwestern University discovered that tiny but significant changes are already happening in the body more than a decade before...
  17. Nelson Vergel

    Do Some Supplements Raise Cancer Risk?

    "Antioxidant vitamins are widely assumed to be cancer fighters even though research in smokers has found high doses may actually raise their risk of tumors. Now a new study may help explain the paradox. Swedish scientists gave antioxidants to mice that had early-stage lung cancer, and watched...
  18. Nelson Vergel

    HIV Treatment Activist Nelson Vergel Faces Down Cancer

    I have not really disclosed much on but this article pretty much describes why I am so driven to self reliance and resilience for all of us who are dealing with medical issues. I hope can serve as an avenue to get us all to the destination of great health no matter...
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