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    3 Month Bloodwork - concerns

    I'm a lowish SHBG guy (~19 ref range 19.3-76.4) - started on gels with an endo with limited success and switched to Defy in April. Dr Saya's protocol is subq 44 mg of TestC + 300 IU of HCG 3x/week. Before starting BP normal ~120/83 hematocrit 47.5 (37.5-51.0) Hemoglobin 16.0 (12.6-17.7) PSA...
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    3.5 months in on TRT, feel great other than really high systolic Blood Pressure

    Hi Gents, So I started TRT on 10/27/2016 100mg per week, then decided to go to 50mg every 3.5 days due to the intense restlessness and insomnia a 100mg shot gave me. After 2 months I decided to go to Defy so I could get prescribed HCG and an AI. So late December my protocol switched to...
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