1. P

    What should I test at the 6 week mark?

    I want to establish a good baseline(or as close to baseline as I can get after 6 weeks in). They only tested four things for my initial visit. LH = 5.8(1.7-8.6) FSH = 6.3(1.5-12.4) Total = 563(264-916) Free = 10.1(8.7-25.1) I know a lot of people recommend checking thyroid and I’m open to it if...
  2. T

    one month on TRT + bloodwork before and after (prolactin raised)

    Hey guys I am now 4 weeks on TRT. I am a 34 year old male and had issues with low libido and low energy the last 2 years until I have checked my T levels and they were very low. For example in 2016 I had TT levels of 870 ng/dL and 3 weeks ago before I started TRT it was 358 ng/dL. 1 week ago I...
  3. A

    I feel best on a protocol that puts me above range... advice?

    So ive tried a few dosing protocols and have a journal where I log the side effects after 6-12 weeks. 20mg eod puts me at Total Testosterone 830 ng/dl (250-1100) Free Testosterone (151 pg/mL (35.0-155.0) Sensitive Estradiol 27 pgmL (< or = 29) I feel flat and low energy.. also irritable...
  4. I

    Blood work 5 weeks after changeing protocol

    Hi, Can i do blood work 5 weeks after i've changed my protocol? I have a visit with my doc coming up and unfortunately i won't make it to 6 weeks :(. How accurate my results will be? I only changed dosages. Thank you
  5. S

    Trt issues

    I started trt on Dec 30th 2020. I do 100mg of test weekly split into mon, wed, Fri injections. I take. .125mg of ai on mon, wed, Fri I'm wondering when I should take my ai. I can't get into the Dr's until March 1st so I'm asking you guys. I'm currently taking too much ai but wondering what days...
  6. A

    Any evidence of Resveratrol lowering E2?

    Some have recommended Resveratrol to me as a means to lower E2 naturally. Has anyone had success lowering E2 a few points with resveratrol? I want to lower my e2 by 5-10 pg/mL
  7. J

    Peak & Trough levels for TRT

    Hi and Happy New Year ...... I'm injecting Xyosted once per week ( Friday morning, 100 mg). I'm interested in know my Peak & Trough levels. I understand that for the Trough level I need to get the bloodwork just before I apply the Xyosted.... But I'm not sure how long after I apply Xyosted I...
  8. S

    Blood test results in need of Advice

    Recently had some blood work done I’m 23 years old In aus we don’t really have trt clinics so the docs here just say all is good. I’m looking for any advice as to why my tt is low for my age and my igf1 is really high. Also experiencing Ed sometimes and just feeing flat
  9. C

    Help with Lab result (high albumin&shbg) and free T calculation

    This is Pre TRT bloodwork, can you help me understand these result? I think I am on the lower end but I am not sure. I tried putting it in a different calculators but I get different results, also does anyone know what their range is?
  10. J

    Quit HCG, When can I get new bloodwork?

    Old Protocol: 16mg test C ED 125IU HCG sun and wed Last Labs: total t: 900 Free t: 252 (52-280) SHBG: 19.4 (16-55) Sensitive e2: 31.5 (8-35) New protocol: 16mg Test C ED I've been on TRT for about 4 years now from age 26 to 30, and during that time I have tried numerous protocols. There have...
  11. K

    Bloodwork starting trt

    Hi, Very new to all this, sort of introduction post too. Hi everybody. I know it's long. Considering trt, pretty nervous about it all. Just looking for a sanity check, feedback and any advice. Really appreciate all the info on this site already. History / Stats 37 190 lbs 5'11'' BP 120/78...
  12. M

    first month on TRT bloods

    Hey all. Started my TRT due to high SHBG, Im from UK so had to source my own. anyway, had it in my cupboard for a year, been on it for 4 weeks. 125mg a week for first 3 weeks, then 200mg in last week, including the 100 I injected the night before the test to check if its legit TESTOSTERONE -...
  13. J

    Can’t get balanced

    Been on TRT for about 3 months now and it has been a roller coaster to say the least. I started on 125 a week split up on Monday and Thursday of each week. Also with HCG and .25 of an AI on injection days. started having bad palpitations and hot flushes. Had me double up on AI and it tanked my...
  14. V

    Peak & trough timing on daily subq injections?

    I'm on daily subcutaneous testosterone cypionate injections and my doctor always has me do my labs in a 4-5 hour window post injection. I know T levels are pretty stable on daily injections but does anyone know the timing of the peak and trough for daily subq cypionate injections? I just want...
  15. John89

    Low-T Diagnosis - Therapy Advice needed (male 30 y/o)

    Hello everybody, first off I want to say that this site has been a great resource for researching TRT and related subjects! I am a first-time-poster and would like to receive some input and advice on my current situation. I am majorly struggling with life right now and need some drastic change...
  16. J

    Got my 90 day lab results. Should I take an AI?

  17. C

    Any Good Experiences with Daily Injections of Testosterone ?

    Hi guys, I am a TRT patient who has had a hard time getting dialed in. I want to avoid an AI. Even small compounded doses of anastrozole make me feel terrible, and DIM has not been helpful. My doc recommended I think about switching from 70mg twice a week and 400iu hcg twice a week, to 20mg cyp...
  18. K

    Recommended followup bloodwork

    On TRT for 6 weeks now and my next bloodwork/followup with the endo is due in a few days. Calling my endo "inexperienced" when it comes to TRT would be a massive compliment, so I just wanted to check in with you guys ahead of time so that I'm getting the right labs. What should I get tested...
  19. A

    TRT Bloodwork 120 mg per week

    Been on trt since last December. This bloodwork represents 120 mg of test cyp per week split in two doses. 60 mg Monday morning. 60 mg Thursday afternoon. No ai. No hcg. I'm concerned about the hematocrit that seems to be going down. It was 43% last bloodwork in feburary. Any insight is appreciated.
  20. M

    New Bloodwork After 2 Months on Pregnenolone, B Vitamins and no A.I.

    So long story short, after my last bloodwork I realised that I probably had adrenal issues that had to be addressed. My cortisol was lowish, progesterone was low and so was DHEAS. I felt tired, irritated and I was considering coming off TRT. I crashed my E2 like 4 times this year, mostly because...
  21. M

    Blood Work In After Starting Test Cypionate Injections

    This month, on March 5th I began TRT via testosterone cypionate injections. On this day I was injected with 1cc containing 200mg of testosterone cypionate suspended in grape seed oil. The doctor gave me paperwork for a blood analysis and told me to have it done after waiting one full week from...
  22. C

    My T dosage is too high. E2 high as well. Fighting symptoms.

    I've been lurking on this forum for about 6 weeks now. I was diagnosed back in Dec with low T. Low E2 as well. I went to see an hrt specialist in my area and he immediately put me on 100mg cyp + 300iu HCG every 3.5 days. No AI. I had bw done last week on my own volition (Thanks DiscountLabs!)...
  23. M

    Thoughts on blood work please...

    Hi guys, Following symptoms including low libido, fatigue, anxiety, inability to build muscle etc. I recently got some bloods drawn. I have attached the results. One from about 4 weeks ago and 1 from this week. Any thoughts/comments are greatly appreciated.
  24. T

    Is this a sensitive E2 test? (E2 LCMS) in Australia

    I recently checked some bloodwork from a private lab here in Australia. I asked if their E2 LCMS was the same as a 'Sensitive E2' test that is available in the USA, and was told it is the same. The labwork came back and just lists it as 'Oestradiol LCMS' The test can be found on this page...
  25. D

    Defy Medical Blood Test Results - 11 Week Follow Up

    Hi EM Community, I just got my blood test results after 11 weeks on TRT @ 150mg/week, HCG 800iu/week and Arimidex 1mg/week. so I am really happy with the results. Main Tests: Total Test 341 ---> 1093ng/dl Free Test 6.8 ---> 27.2 pg/dl E2, Sensitive Assay 19.9 ---> 18.7 pg/ml SHBG 31.5...
  26. C

    29 year old, living in New York, questions about starting bloodwork.

    Hey everyone, sorry if this is in the wrong spot. I ran through some of the stickies, and boy is there a lot of information so I may have overlooked what I need. I'm 29 years old and I check many, sometimes most of the questions on low test questionnaires. Low libido, lethargy, weaker...
  27. L

    Eight Weeks on TRT - Feeling No Better

    Hello Excelmale family, I have my 8 week bloodwork results in this link I am trying to find out why there has been absolutely no change as far as getting better and was trying to see if...
  28. T

    How fast will Test E effect blood levels? Forgot to get labwork today and took dose already.

    I wanted to check my test levels today, but forgot and took my usual 75mg dose 2 hours ago How quick will Test E effect blood levels? Is it pointless now (I wanted to test the trough) Not a big deal, it was more out of curiosity and bloodwork is cheap here. Thanks
  29. C

    This is my second blood test. I think I know the next step. Can some others please take a look? :)

    Hey guys Firstly please note: I'm having this blood work done in Thailand so the unit of measurement might be different than in the states. And I did not have access to a "sensitive" e2 test. Only regular :). I do not have access to any type of men's health clinic here in Thailand, but I have...
  30. M

    Extensive Bloodwork After 3 Months on TRT

    Got bloodwork back. Total t is lower than I would have guessed but free t looks good. Estradiol is in line with the addition of arimidex. Prolactin has come down nicely since discontinuing zoloft. DHEA-S and IGF are above range from 50mg DHEA a day. PSA is half of what it was at initiation...
  31. Black Beard

    Discountlabs is awesome! (WORKS IF YOU LIVE IN NJ/NY AND DRIVE TO PA)

    Hey guys, just got my lab results back and i'm stoked. I drove from NJ to PA.(I was worried it might not work because of state regs) So if you live in NJ/NY and are worried if discountlabs will work, it did for me. The process was super simple and stress free. The hardest part was just driving...