blood sugar

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    Blood sugar issues

    Greetings. I spoke to an alternative medicine doctor, well he has a certification wellness through a chiropractic association, like DCNAB. I spoke to him about brain fog, trouble focusing, hormonal problems, and he said that my symptoms sounded more like blood sugar issues or blood sugar...
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    Drastic change in blood sugar at 3 weeks after starting TRT.

    So I have a history of high blood sugar and insulin resistance. I had to be on a carb restricted diet for years because sugar and carbs cause me to put weight on rapidly. After starting TRT 3 weeks back I started noticing blood sugar drops at the end of the 3rd week. It seems that my low T may...
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    Blood Sugar: Metformin and Berberine

    We have discussed it. The first and only endo I went to see said that was what I needed to fix me up and my testosterone was nothing to worry about. :/ I have dragged my feet because I really don't want to take any more medication than absolutely needed. I wanted to give the T a chance to...
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