blood clot

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    On TRT/HCG - blood clots in urine

    Hey everyone, really freaking out right now. I’ve never seen blood clots in my urine before. I was urinating and noticed a 1/2” piece of yarn size blood clot. My prior urination shedded some fragments of blood too. I’ve been on TRT/HCG injections for 7 years now. All my lab are pretty...
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    Can’t get balanced

    Been on TRT for about 3 months now and it has been a roller coaster to say the least. I started on 125 a week split up on Monday and Thursday of each week. Also with HCG and .25 of an AI on injection days. started having bad palpitations and hot flushes. Had me double up on AI and it tanked my...
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    Blood Clot/Stroke

    Hi, After my HCT and HB going up, I have a few concerns what are the chances of blood clotting/Stroke with TRT, what precautions should one take, I started aspirin but don't know if it is good? Also if I take HCG twice a week will my brain get used to the new HCG and not make mine if I quit...
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