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  1. L

    Do I qualify for HRT? Posting my Blood Test Results.

    Do I qualify for HRT? Posting my Blood Test Results. 53 Year old male. Symptoms: No sex drive, loss of self, loss of the tenacity I used to have, apathetic, affecting marrage. Surgery for bi-lateral torsion testicles when I was 16. Got tested in late 20's - sperm count was OK. My...
  2. J

    Labs after one month of hcg mono at 1000 IU 3x a week.

    Last labs done 3 months ago: Test: 550 ng/dL LH: 10 FSH: 5 Normal E2 I feel no change in my symptoms. Thoughts? Also do I need PCT for low LH and FSH?
  3. L

    Need assistance in understanding blood test results - Ranges not defined?

    Hello, My first posting. 51 year old male 5'8" - 235lbs Powerlifter build, muscular but 27-30% body fat Testosterone - Serum (Final) - Testosterone Result: 7.9 Reference Range: 5.2 - 23.7 The lab did not define what these reference ranges measurements are? Please help. Can...
  4. R

    Blood test analysis needed

    Hi all, So started TRT 6 weeks ago on 25mg test cyp every other day and 200iu of HCG every other day. Experienced some acne on back and shoulders. Felt great in the first 3 weeks then tailed off slightly. Please could someone have a look at the results and express thoughts? This was taken in...
  5. M

    Did labcorp mess up my test results OR did empower pharmacy give me bad batch of testosterone cypionate?

    Would like some opinions on the above title please. I’ve been running test cyp at 160mg split into two dosages of 80mg every 3.5 days now since 06/2022. I’ve had blood work done back on 9/2022 & 01/2023 and both times testosterone would come back at around 1000-1100 and estradiol at around 28...
  6. H

    Blood test feedback after 5 weeks on TRT

    Received my blood test after being on TRT for the first time. My protocol was Test E 40mg 2xweek every 3.5 days on Tuesdays and Fridays. My blood Test was performed on Tuesday before my subq shot so on through end. My Total was 700, Free 35 pg/ml and estradiol 45 pg/ml. Question since this was...
  7. J

    Recent Yearly Bloodwork- some help please!

    Would like some assistance from the great minds on here regarding my recent labs. Some history= I am 52 yo, 6'1" and 220lbs, but muscular build as I lift heavy 3x week and am in good shape for my age (so I think). Been on TRT for about 10 yrs now. I have had primary hypertension since my 20's...
  8. R

    Blood results after 3 weeks on 25mg clomid

    Hi guys, Just had results back after 3 weeks into clomid pct (been on trt for 2 years and off for fertility. Currently on 25mg per day. Does this look like I'm recovering or should the clomid had raised my levels further? Should I continue with 25mg per day? At a loss.
  9. J

    Timing for blood testing question

    I apologize as I am sure this has been posed many times, but I cannot find the resource- 1.=What is the optimal time to have labs done after pinning..... I do inj. on Monday a.m. and Thursday p.m. and plan to have blood draw on a Friday? 2. For PSA test, how long should one refrain from...
  10. T

    High iron, high % saturation, low ish ferritin. Feel shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing. Is it the iron overload?

    please see labs below. I feel fatigued and honestly kinda shitty. I’m a Defy patient and waiting to get scheduled with them. Is high iron likely to cause these symptoms? I was feeling well before this with high energy, banging libido, and productive energy. Over the last month, I’ve been...
  11. I

    Suggestion based on blood work : TRT or not?

    Hello Everyone, I am a newbie and need your experience and opinion. I am 38 years old male, I have been struggling with weight loss and motivation to go to the gym in the past 2 years. I feel energetic only from 8 am to 11 am (where I try to do most of my work done) and then the rest of the day...
  12. M

    Free testosterone conversion

    Hey guys I guess my doctor measured my free testosterone instead of total testosterone in latest bloodwork did I do the conversion if there is one if my free testosterone is 340 pmol/L
  13. O

    Please help me read my first post-TRT test results

    Hi everyone. So, my urologist ordered the first follow-up blood tests four weeks into TRT. I took those tests yesterday, prior to my weekly injection of 100mg. I have a follow-up appointment with him at the end of this week where I intend to tell him that the only changes I've felt after four...
  14. M

    Advice: Blood Test Results High Cholesterol

    I'm 38 years old. I've been on TRT for about 2 years now. I only take 100mg of test cypionate 1x/week. My lab numbers are high and my cholesterol is through the roof. I'm worried I'm doing something wrong. Any advice would be appreciated.
  15. W

    TRT lowers SHBG

    My TRT SHBG is 16 which is kinda low. I've read TRT lowers SHBG, but by how much? Is is possible my natural SHBG is around 16? I don't have bloodwork that measured SHBG pre TRT
  16. Splash

    A simple but important request!

    Comments welcomed on how to carefully proceed with prescribing physician!
  17. B

    Opinions on my Blood Work

    Hi all, 27M 200lbs 20%bf. Been experiencing 3/4ths of low T symptoms for the last two years. Finally got my bloodwork done and am heavily considering TRT. I would love any opinions on how my SHBG, Estrogen, total T and free T levels look and how they may be effected (or how yours was effected)...
  18. Dreamamine

    26Y/O, Feel like Shit, Could You Guys Take a Look At My Blood Test Results?

    – Few caveats: I am not on TRT. Apparently the “Testosterone II and SHBG are assayed on the Siemens Centaur/Atellica”. Not sure if that’s important. Felt like shit since about 18 years old. I had a huge drop in wellbeing on every metric when I hit about 18. I had my testosterone tested when I...
  19. E

    Personal Follow-Up

    Hey guys. I've been injecting for a couple of months now and: -haven't taken one mid day nap at work -sleep all night -losing fat/gaining muscle -gaining lots of strength -I can focus again -sex is better I had some blood work done today for a follow-up and it wasn't very inclusive. My PCP is...
  20. S

    TT: 1100+ E2: 95+ on 150mg/week MWF. Sensitive/standard assay results compared.

    11 weeks in. IM VG injections. No adjuncts of any kind. TT 1141.2 ng/dl (LC/MS-MS) FT 347 (ordered the sensitive assay, labeled as MS/Dialysis? Mentions LC/MS-MS in the details, units not listed) E2 97.1 pg/ml (sensitive, details state LC/MS-MS) SHBG 25.1 nmol/L HCT 49.6% I also ordered the...
  21. C

    Possibility of "test booster" ingredients affecting lab results?

    This is simply a question/observation I am throwing out to the masses. I had been self dosing testosterone e last year for about six months. Approximately 80-100mg weekly - shallow IM. Stopped the first week of November due to some unwanted sides. No PCT. I did start taking a test booster...
  22. A

    Testosterone levels now too high?

    Hi Everyone, 37 year old here that started TRT back in February. The clinic I went to put me on 20% cream applied to the scrotum once a day. So far I've been really happy with the results, my libido has sky rocketed, more energy, and can lift more for longer at the gym. Yesterday I got my...
  23. D

    Blood Results Today Show Low Estradiol vs. TT - Advice?

    Here's my current protocol: EOD injections of 14mg Test E for weekly total of 49mg of Test E. 10mg Cialis EOD Blood drawn on morning of injection BEFOREHAND to show trough Results As Follows: TT: 1033 (ref range: 193-740) FT: 58 (ref range: 8-27) E2: 37 (ref range: 41-91.9) Hematocrit: 47.3...
  24. J

    High estradiol even on anastrazole

    I'm on a morphine pump for chronic back pain and my testosterone dropped to 190. For two years I've been on 1 mg of testosterone cypionate weekly (ships from Empower Pharmacy) and donate blood regularly to keep my hematocrit/hemoglobin levels in check. Last year my estradiol levels were...
  25. A

    Has anyone use retinol for acne?

    I know many have experience with Accutane, and claim that they cleared their Acne up permanently, But does anyone have experience with retinol, which is essentially topical Accutane? since upping my dose, I’ve experienced a bit of acne. But I don’t want to take Accutane due to the long-term...
  26. R

    Soooo confused about what to do about ED

    Im 61, 205, good health. Not interested in bodybuilding just want to be 20 OK, who doesn't. I've been on TRT at .45mg twice a week Subq for over a year and my typical low T symptoms have improved tremendously, concentration, agility, strength, muscle mass. Of course here in...
  27. A

    I feel great 24-48 hours after Injection, then feel bad on day 3

    To start here is my protocol: 50 mg Test Cyp evert 3.5 days Ive noticed that 24 hours after my injection, I feel incredible, and this persists up until right before my next injection and the day OF my injection. I feel irritable, tired, neurotic and semi depressed. Then 24 hours after my...
  28. P

    Lab Work - Can't Get Better It Seems

    I am going to post my most recent lab work and an bit of history of where I am and how I feel. I was with Low T Nation for three years before switching to Defy Medical summer of 2019. When I left Low-T. this was my regiment: .35ml test cyp twice a week IM...HCG 200iu twice a week...Ipamorelin...
  29. mairomaster

    Ejaculation effect on Prolactin blood levels

    It's widely known that ejaculation temporarily increases Prolactin levels in the blood. That's why it's commonly recommended not to ejaculate 24 - 72 hours before running bloods, if Prolactin is included. My question is, does anybody have a more specific idea about what change percent wise we...
  30. C

    Help reading Bloodwork

    I’m feeling low libido and fatigue with bad sleep. My workouts are not that great either. I used to cycle testosterone on and off but I’ve been off everything for almost two years. I’m 29 years old. total T looks in range but my free test is low. Maybe because my SHBG is elevated? Also is my...
  31. B

    My Lab numbers

    I had went to a diabetes and endocrine clinic for lab work as after I went to a local TRT clinic. The doctor at the TRT clinic after having lab test done there told me due to my age (68 at the time) the wouldn't treat me. I don't have those results. I then went to the endo. Here are the results...
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