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  1. R

    Soooo confused about what to do about ED

    Im 61, 205, good health. Not interested in bodybuilding just want to be 20 OK, who doesn't. I've been on TRT at .45mg twice a week Subq for over a year and my typical low T symptoms have improved tremendously, concentration, agility, strength, muscle mass. Of course here in...
  2. A

    I feel great 24-48 hours after Injection, then feel bad on day 3

    To start here is my protocol: 50 mg Test Cyp evert 3.5 days Ive noticed that 24 hours after my injection, I feel incredible, and this persists up until right before my next injection and the day OF my injection. I feel irritable, tired, neurotic and semi depressed. Then 24 hours after my...
  3. P

    Lab Work - Can't Get Better It Seems

    I am going to post my most recent lab work and an bit of history of where I am and how I feel. I was with Low T Nation for three years before switching to Defy Medical summer of 2019. When I left Low-T. this was my regiment: .35ml test cyp twice a week IM...HCG 200iu twice a week...Ipamorelin...
  4. mairomaster

    Ejaculation effect on Prolactin blood levels

    It's widely known that ejaculation temporarily increases Prolactin levels in the blood. That's why it's commonly recommended not to ejaculate 24 - 72 hours before running bloods, if Prolactin is included. My question is, does anybody have a more specific idea about what change percent wise we...
  5. C

    Help reading Bloodwork

    I’m feeling low libido and fatigue with bad sleep. My workouts are not that great either. I used to cycle testosterone on and off but I’ve been off everything for almost two years. I’m 29 years old. total T looks in range but my free test is low. Maybe because my SHBG is elevated? Also is my...
  6. B

    My Lab numbers

    I had went to a diabetes and endocrine clinic for lab work as after I went to a local TRT clinic. The doctor at the TRT clinic after having lab test done there told me due to my age (68 at the time) the wouldn't treat me. I don't have those results. I then went to the endo. Here are the results...
  7. S

    Blood work HCG Monotherapy low DHT

    Good morning everbody, Im 27 y. old, 80kg, 12% bf. I´m hypothyroid and and have hypogonadism. I´m on a HCG-Monotherapy. (750 I.E. Hcg eod, 125 mcg L-Thyroxin) I think that my thyroid gland is not yet functioning properly and therefore my testosterone synthesis is also limited. Hopefully when my...
  8. B

    When is the best time to get blood test checked?

    When is the is the best time to get your blood tested to check where TRT has your levels? Should one consider their own peaks and troughs? Currently on 2x "100mg Test C" & 2x "500IU HCG" a week for 4 months. Got my blood tested for the first time about 12hrs after my the most recent 100mg Text...
  9. S

    Some success, some challenges w/ daily protocol

    On the advice of Defy I switched to a daily protocol 12 weeks ago. I was on 140 mg of test (70 mg twice a week) and 150 IU/day of HCG. I now inject 18 mg of test daily w/ no change to HCG dose. I just ran my first labs after 12 weeks. In terms of side effect management it has been a complete...
  10. V

    My new test results.

    Here are my results after 2 months of taking Natesto, and while on a low iron diet. I was also taking 18g of inositol a night. No natesto on the morning of testing. Some days I would forget to take Natesto, or sometimes I’d double dose. I have a separate lab for SHBG which turned out to be...
  11. B

    When do you reach TRT saturation?

    At what week does one reach TRT saturation (when your serum blood level doesn't increase from week to week)? Is it dose dependent? I ask not only because I'm curious but also this will help guide when to get my first TRT bloodwork.
  12. T

    High free test

    What to do to lower free test and raise total or is it nothing to worry about if you feel ok but not as good as I'm wanting. Total TESTOSTERONE, SERUM 739 264-916 01 NG/DL Adult male reference interval is based on a population of healthy nonobese males (BMI <30) between 19 and 39 years...
  13. L

    Feedback on Blood Labs - 8 Months TRT

    Hello Gentlemen, 53 year old, 6 ft, 205 lbs, have been on Testosterone Cypionate 200 mg/mL 100 mg (0.5 ml) intramuscularly once a week since April 2019. No HCG or AI, Dr. is not very receptive. Any feedback on latest LABS would be appreciated. Feeling pretty good currently. Currently...
  14. goldenleft

    Blood Labs after 8 weeks on TRT

    Hello, reading others posts here I noticed that some experience users advice to novice like me to did blood test after 5 - 6 weeks on TRT once their hormones are balanced. This is my 5th week, I'm feeling good, so far... only using testosterone E3.5D, as per your advice in my first post, I'm not...
  15. J

    Major Low T symptoms but normal Blood work?

    40 Year old male. Suffering from close to zero libido, erectile dysfunction, and fatigue. I decided to get my blood tested for potential low t. My bloodwork seems to be in the fairly normal range but it doesn't match the way I feel. I can definitely use some extra eyes if anyone wants to help...
  16. E

    2.5 years of TRT not working that well

    Was put on TRT in april of 2017 after results showing ranges from 6-9nmol many times (about 160-260ng/dl). Prolactin was always high, around 400-500, which made them do a MRI on my brain, found nothing. SHBG always lower-ish around 18-24. Due to the shitty system in my country, given...
  17. A

    Pre TRT - Mid range T, but symptomatic

    Deleting my post....had my consult with defy and got my questions answered.
  18. B

    Back on TRT: Same old thing some of you may remember I stopped TRT awhile ago. And was feeling really good....for awhile. But after a bit, I was not having good workouts, my energy was less, I was having more pronounced mood swings, etc. I decided to reach back out to Defy and see what they thought. We spoke...
  19. S

    Please Help Me Review my TRT Blood results

    These are 60 hours after last injection im on 400 mgs test E week , I take .5 mgs of liquid arimidex twice a week . I inject 200mgs twice a week , (Sunday morning and Wednesday 6pm) I injected Wednesday at 6pm and had blood drawn Saturday morning at 9am. I feel total test is low for 400 mgs ...
  20. A

    The day before a blood draw

    Is there a routine to follow the day or two before a blood draw? I have heard that any ejaculation 48 hours prior to a blood draw can raise prolactin significantly but are there other things that you should try to avoid prior to a blood draw? like a heavy workout or a potentially stressful...
  21. D

    Is my doctor being too cautious?

    Hi all, Hoping to gain some insight with this question as I have plowed through these forums and several others and I’m suffering “paralysis by analysis” so here it goes. Is my doctor being too cautious? I’m 42 yrs old and have been on weekly injections for about 9 months. I had my...
  22. S

    2 very different test results. Confused & seeking advice.

    Hi folks -- i heard this forum was where the experts are at ;) Seeking advice on blood results. My first testosterone blood was 59 ng/dl (i know crazy low) but the next test they did came back at 400 ng/dl. Both tested in morning and 2 weeks apart. Symptoms (really bad past 12 months but...
  23. F

    My lab results... I need some advice

    For the past 18 months i haven't felt like my normal self. I looked up my symptoms and it all pointed to low T. Mainly very low energy, no libido, ED... So I decided to get blood work done. Below are my results for the past 3 visits. Almost 2 weeks ago I went to a doctor in Mexico, where i'm...
  24. D

    Hematocrit raising - what causes it?

    Hi all - I know testosterone raises hematocrit (and doctors like Crisler have said it levels off after starting TRT), but what most influences the degree to which it rises? For example: - Injections vs. non-injections - Injection frequency - Dose How much do these factors matter or is just...
  25. A

    Help with my recent Labs

    Before TRT I only have TT and FT results. I just recently had my E2 (sensitive) and SHBG checked as well. 4/24/18 TT - 191ng/dl ( range 250-1100) FT - 33.8 pg/nl ( range 35-155) May 2018 PSA- 0.29 HCT - 40.4 after 4 months on Daily gel on both shoulders: August 2018 TT - 293 ( range...
  26. H

    Creatinine and cooked meat

    Nice study showing that consumption of cooked meat really increases creatinine during a 24h period. For those getting blood work done that includes creatinine might be a good idea to stay away from cooked meat 24h prior blood being drawn. BPS Publications
  27. G

    Thyroid labs

    Thoughts on my thyroid labs? Doc said they're fine but I can try 12.5mg iodine per week to see if I notice any difference (have had low body temp, tired, hard to lose weight etc. But could be due to other reasons I guess). I think 12.5mg per week is pretty low so have been having it every 2...
  28. J

    Why these different results??

    All, sorry for the long post and appreciate all the advise but here is my story. I am a 40 yr old male. Work has been stressful the last few years with long hours, bad food, lots of travel and shitty work. About 4 years ago, I noticed that I was having issues maintaining erections, then I...
  29. G

    Need help interpreting bloods

    Hi all, First time poster. I'm hoping to get some thoughts on my recent blood tests asap as I have an appointment with my doc tomorrow morning so want to be informed and prepared. Blood test results are attached in photos. I've been on trt 6 weeks, had the bloods done on Monday before HCG, T...
  30. A

    Have I crashed my estrogen - my doctor says no and I'm hurting

    I think I have crashed my estrogen. I stopped trt about 10 days ago due to bad side-effects from high testoterone and high estrogen. I also had high hematocrit. I took some extra anastrazole (listed below) after I stopped trt to lower my estrogen. I think I overdid it. I feel like death! I...
  31. B

    Female Target Hormone Values - Getting Started with HRT/Thyroid

    Hey guys, I've been on TRT and feel like its really made some changes in my life. Well, my wife (fit 39 yrs) noticing symptoms of her own is interested in looking into HRT/Thyroid for herself. She got a blood test and will be going in for her first visit. After looking at her results I am...