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  1. J

    Empower Pharmacy Interuption of Bimix, Trimix Supply?

    Empower pharmacy recently replied to my request for a Bimix refill that they don't have the ingredients on hand, and they don't have an ETA on when the product will be available. Does anyone have additional insight on this? Is it part of a nationwide supply problem? I'm able to obtain the...
  2. B

    Bimix dose advice

    Before Christmas I gave Bimix (150 mg / 5mg) a try, got my wires crossed and made a terrible mistake of only diluting with 1 ML of water instead of 5. Needless to say, I ended up in the ER after injecting 0.1 ml :( I got some Phenylephrine, a new vial of Bimix, and waited a month before trying...
  3. F

    Bimix questions about after it wears off, and Viagra timing

    Background: I don't know if knowing this helps, but my ED is the type where I get an erection, but I don't always stay hard. It's somewhat random. I have been prescribed bimix. My concentration is 15mg / .5mg, which is of course half the normal concentration of 30mg / 1mg. My doc says this is...
  4. T

    Trimix vs bimix question

    I've used trimix for psychogenic, not organic ED, thus at very low doses with great results. My main issue is that it even at the lowest does required to get a solid erection, it lasts too long, close to 4 hours and requiring various measures to lose it. The last time, it went over and I needed...
  5. Bentiger07

    Am I paying a fair price for penile injections?

    Excelmale, I received bimix from my doctor who has his own lab to make it. I was told it's a 12.8mL vial of: 30 mg/cc Papaverine 3.3 mg/cc Phentolamine (I googled around a bit and haven't see anyone mix in this much phentolamine, so it's a high concentration) I paid $325 for it. I usually need...
  6. M

    BiMix and Blood Pressure

    I had some issues with high BP. I'm currently taking BP meds. I am trying to find out if BiMix would cause my BP to rise or fall. I know its not like taking viagra or cialis and how those can lower your BP. I'd like to get back to having sex. I would appreciate any help.
  7. N

    BiMix concentration/dosage confusion

    I had Radical Prostatectomy 9 mnths ago and have ED as a result. Viagra does nothing. My ED Urologist suggested BiMix or TriMix injections. He gave me a low-concentration test dose of TriMix in the office and it worked within a few minutes but gave me quite a pit of pain in my erection. So he...
  8. Nelson Vergel

    Penis Injections for Hard Erections: TRIMIX

    Trimix or Quadmix—Available by prescription from compounding pharmacies. These are mixtures of prostaglandins and papaverine that increase blood flow and retention into the penis. Prostaglandins are mediators and have a variety of strong physiological effects, such as regulating the contraction...
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