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  1. H

    HCG out of stock

    Just ordered some HCG from empower through Defy. They only had 6000 IU vial available and only from empower. Another HCG shortage coming?
  2. Nelson Vergel

    New legislation may affect compounding pharmacies and prices

    This is not a review but pertinent to this section on compounding pharmacies. A bipartisan committee of lawmakers from the Senate and the House reached a compromise on Wednesday on legislation that would give the Food and Drug Administration greater control over compounding pharmacies...
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Some compounding pharmacies used by Nelson Vergel

    I have been using APSMeds.com for 5 years for HCG, testosterone, TRIMIX, ED drugs, injectable aminoacids/vitamins, nandrolone,Sermorelin and other products. They are reasonably priced and ship to almost every state. I have toured their facilities to look at the sterility rooms and was...
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