ankle swelling

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  1. P

    Side effect (Feet Swelling) questions and AI

    47 year old male, overweight- High blood pressure and cholesterol, High A1c and IGF-1. Sleep apnea treated with CPAP for last 8 months. I started TRT back in August 2018. My primary care Dr. suspected low T after suspected Gynecomastia (later confirmed with Ultrasound & monogram). Low T was...
  2. Nelson Vergel

    Ankle swelling after starting testosterone injections

    I got this question from a friend of mine today who started testosterone replacement 3 weeks ago (injections of 100 mg per week): "I've been gaining a lot of weight. Does this mean my estradiol is high? I don't have any nipple soreness or severe bloating but my ankles and wrist are swelling."...
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