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    Revisiting the digit ratio (2D:4D) and TRT

    Is the digit ratio an indicator to personal optimal testosterone level? So, I have the unfortunate higher digit ratio, meaning I had reduced prenatal androgen exposure. A blessing when it comes to BPH and a curse when it comes to everything else. At the end of the day, does it have any...
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    Are Accutane Side Effects Related to Similarities in Androgen Molecules?

    I copied these molecular formulas from PropeciaHelp. Accutane is one of the medicines that has long lasting side effects similar to low T, persistent after discontinuing the medication. Similar side effects and persistent nature brings these accurate victims to PH. Notice how isotretinoin...
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    DIM - Anti-androgen Clarification

    I understand DIM helps with estrogen metabolism and balancing the good and bad estrogens, but can we somehow clarify the studies that say DIM is a potent anti-androgen? Supposedly it binds to androgen receptors interfering with testosterone. Can anyone comment on this? I’ve taken 200 mg a day...
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    Possible Role of Androgen Receptor in Various Cancers (not just prostate)

    Have you seen this study Androgen receptors beyond prostate cancer: an old marker as a new target Javier Munoz, Jennifer J. Wheler, and Razelle Kurzrock Abstract Androgen receptors (ARs) play a critical role in the development of prostate cancer. Targeting ARs results in important salutary...
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