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  1. B

    FDA withdraws approval of Anavar - filthy behaviour from manufacturer

    So heres the deal, I copy paste post by Virtuous from PM: "Anavar’s patent expired, Gemeni asked the FDA to remove approval, and they’ll introduce a slightly modified drug to replace it, with 20 year patent protection. Cash grab."
  2. B

    Random thoughts/questions regarding Test and AAS...

    Like many of my brothers on this forum I/we have been struggling to get dialed in on TRT..... and the thought process has usual been to try to replicate the normal levels/diurnal rhythm of the body to maintain peak homeostasis, however, even with seemingly normal Total/Free T, E levels, etc.. we...
  3. D

    Taking enclomiphene. How will adding Anavar (oxandralone) affect my blood work? Should I modify enclomiphene dose?

    I've been on Enclomiphene (25 mg every other day) for a few months now, and it roughly doubled my total and free T. Total Testosterone 410 ng/dL --> 697 ng/dL Free Testosterone 64 pg/mL --> 112 pg/mL My MD said it takes about 6 months to see the total effect. He doubled my dose and now I'm...
  4. B

    Iron on TRT? - No libido

    26m who has struggled on TRT for a long time. In summer 2021 was prescribed test cypionate which immediately causes complete loss of libido, which only returned about 6 weeks after cessation of treatment. Testosterone did not naturally recover (although libido did), and resumed treatment this...
  5. C

    Anavar (Oxandrolone)

    Sorry if this isn’t an appropriate question but I’m looking to get some Anavar. The reason is that I just had a major surgery that really kicked my butt. Testosterone Cyp just isn’t cutting it alone to help my recovery. I have two friends that had big surgeries and their doctors gave them Anavar...
  6. S

    Why don’t compounding pharmacies and TRT clinics make primobolan(metenolone)?

    It’s my understanding that metenolone is still a “legal” drug in the US in the sense that it could be prescribed for certain medical conditions but it just isn't and it is just not made by any mainstream drug manufacturers, but it is an approved FDA medication. Assuming that’s true, I’m curious...
  7. J

    Anavar (Oxandrolone) and Ipamorelin is the bomb!

    Just got labs back (see below for results and protocol) - best ever really. Just TRT with some Ipamorelin/cjc 125 IUs nightly. Given that everything checked out, I added some oxandralone (Anavar) @25 mg /day 5 days on 2 off. Holy sh*t, this stuff is awesome. I am only 2 weeks in and am...
  8. Kev101

    Oxandrolone and Nandrolone (common availability)

    Hi all, When I started reading about TRT back in the mid 2000's I was in my 20's, college and inexperienced but always read on the forums that no doc will give a young man test even if he is in the 200-400 range. It was rare and like gold to get help. This is what I read countless times, can't...
  9. A

    Oxandrolone (Anavar) with TRT

    Anyone has experience taking Anavar with TRT? I am a 41 year old male started TRT 5 weeks ago. A TRT dose of 125 mg / week of Test Cyp. , injecting once per week, without the need of any AI. The blood results show that my test levels are still mediocre at 11.8 nmol/ L (Range: 8.64 -29) . I'm...
  10. R

    Anavar or Proviron to lower SHBG

    Hi there, since my SHBG is sitting at 58 nmol/L I am interested in lowering it and keeping my levels in check. I'm on Zinc, Vit D3, Boron and Magnesium and don't drink alcohol and it still keeps creeping upward. I'm considering a low dose (5mg ED) of Anavar which Dr Rand Mclain has used with...
  11. Nelson Vergel

    Oxandrolone (Anavar) Medical Uses- Presentation Attached

    Here is a presentation for download only for registered members:
  12. Nelson Vergel

    Anavar (Oxandrolone) Blood Levels Increased by Caffeine

    Nelson Have you seen this article/research repost on caffine greatly increasing the bioavailabilty of oxandrolone? Can a few hundred mls of caffeine boost the anabolic effect of oxandrolone? Imagine: you're a careful user of anabolic steroids. You occasionally take a course of oxandrolone...
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