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  1. Pacman

    Very basic question regarding how to adjust AI dosages based on T dosages

    I been on TRT for 10 years at this point. I find that my current default "sweet spot" (as far feeling good and having a fairly high sex drive and function) revolves around the 100-130 mg T cyp every 3 days with no AI. Occasionally though I like to experiment with different dosages (in both...
  2. J

    Answering some questions, new to forum. Much appreciated!

    Hi, if anyone can help me out that would be great and much appreciated! I’ve been seeing a Dr. for about five years regarding my T levels and have been on the following regiment, I’m 39 yr old male. - 1x 1ml syringe of Testosterone Cypionate out of a (5ml) 200 mg/ml vial every Wednesday (once a...
  3. S

    Off antidepressant- question re anastrozole

    Through Defy Medical, I take testosterone injections twice per week. I also take anastrozole twice per week which ends up working for me. Recently, I ran out of my antidepressant citalopram (Celexa) before I realized it. I had been wanting to try and get off it any way, so I didn’t refill it...
  4. M

    Recovering from an E2 Crash

    I seem to have crashed my E2 earlier this month after being prescribed too much anastrozole by a doctor. My E2 was <5.0 on 11/8, but has since bounced back to 30.7 on 11/16. So I am no longer in a crashed state. However, I'm still not feeling much relief, specifically from the ed and low libido...
  5. M

    E2 Crash Recovery

    I seem to have crashed my E2 earlier this month after anastrozole overuse. My E2 was <5.0 on 11/8, but has since bounced back to 30.7 on 11/16. However, I'm still not feeling much relief, specifically from the ed and low libido. I have been taking clomid and HCG since the crashed however (for...
  6. M

    Recovery from E2 crash

    Hi everyone, I'm brand new here but have been picking up some great information here. Everyone seems very knowledgeable, so hopefully I can get some good advice. I seem to have crashed my estradiol and I feel miserable. I'm coming off my latest 12- week cycle of 300 mg testosterone and 150 mg...
  7. S

    How much arimidex should I use in this situation to keep my E2 in the 20s?

    At 160mg test cyp per week (80mg e3.5d + .25mg adex + 300iu HCG) I consistently get to 1000 total test, 30 free T and 15-25 E2. No adex and I am 30-40 E2. If I wanted to boost my test dose for awhile to 300mg, how much Adex would I need to stay there 15-25 E2? Should I start by doubling the...
  8. J

    Anastrozole effects in the brain

    (Moving this to a new thread since it is a different topic) I am harping on this as I was doing pretty well on TRT with less than 100mg Testosterone Cypionate once a week plus 250IU HCG twice a week. Strong libido, good erections, etc. At that time, if I took 5mg cialis I could feel the effect...
  9. T

    4 weeks off TRT - still needing AI to combat E2 anxiety

    Hey guys, Looking to get some input. I am 34 years old, low SHBG (17-19), 160lb, athletic build. I've spent the last year experimenting different protocols to find one where I feel good/normal. Surprisingly, the closest I can get to feeling fine is on a single injection frequency, with AI every...
  10. W

    High T and ED...and too much AI?

    I'm having a bizarre issue...My libido is somewhat strong, but I can't get an erection with a woman unless I take 5mg of Cialis. I get erections while I sleep (needing to urinate) and in the morning before I get out of bed. I'm injecting 10mcg every day of Cypionate and was taking 1mg of...
  11. P

    Enclomiphene: Did you use anastrozole with it?

    Hi all, I'm about to start enclomiphene (in 9 days) and I'm still trying to figure out if I should start anastrozole at the same time. I am confused because in various posts and studies there seems to be conflicting information about whether EN raises or lower E. In some studies it says it...
  12. N

    I messed everything up.

    I haven’t been able to get HCG for 3 months now due to a shortage at my insurance pharmacy. things were GREAT about two weeks after I discontinued the HCG and I was HYPER-sexual like an 18 year old… it lasted about a month. then I started losing libido, sensitivity, and getting ED…. where I...
  13. Pacman

    I think I may have found a method of controlling sex drive on TRT.

    This is merely my inconclusive hypothesis based on my experience in the last month when I started increasing AI doses to find my "sweet spot". If I could actually control my sex drive in such a predictable manner, that would be insanely amazing!! I have found that my sex drive largely depends...
  14. T

    Testosterone 1326 ng/dl at trough - 100mg cypionate, 1.75mg anastrozole (weekly)

    Isn't this weirdly much? What confuses me is when I switched to this dose at first it went significantly lower. Should I try 80mg/wk?
  15. V

    Anastrozole timing of doses and labs

    Is there a standard dosing protocol for anastrozole? I've seen ED, EOD, twice a week, once a week and even once every two weeks. How long does anastrozole stay in your system? Is there a point at which your E2 troughs relative to when you take a dose? Is there a certain time relative to dosing...
  16. T

    Those taking AI, what is your dose? Is there such a thing as anastrozole resistance?

    I've been taking testosterone cypionate for 4 weeks. 40mg EOD, along with 1.5mg anastrozole weekly. I was afraid that with this anastrozole dose I might be driving my estradiol down too low, but recently I measured it at 81 pg/ml. Maybe this is due to the testosterone dosage being way too...
  17. T

    AI and brain fog, morning wood

    I'm wondering if any of you have found the same. When I go without AI, libido is dead, there is no morning wood, and erections need to be forced. Brain fog also increases. Taking .75mg - 1mg anastrozole remedies that by next morning (dramatically). Easily measurable. Brain fog also...
  18. T

    Moving from gel to cypionate - do you guys feel better on injectables?

    I'm going to ask a questions that have been asked a bunch of times before. I'm moving from gel to cypionate, even though my levels on the gel are reasonable. A few things: * I seem to be very sensitive to medium-high levels of E2 * I have high levels of SHBG. 1. Have any of you felt that...
  19. T

    High levels on testosterone gel with AI

    I did a morning test where my total testosterone was 880 ng/dl. I'm on 75mg of testosterone gel, with 0.5mg anastrozole every other day. I took the test BEFORE applying the gel for that day. Does anyone have an explanation for why the levels would be this high? Is it just because the...
  20. T

    Your experiences with increasing testosterone dosage?

    This is a re-post to an extent. But what I want to hear is some of your stories on increasing testosterone. Here is mine (without much facts, just how I experienced and read it): I was taking 50mg testosterone gel and had levels at 24nmol/l or almost 700ng/dl. I increased to 100mg and...
  21. T

    Testogel - increased dosage and libido went down

    I'd been on 50mg/daily for 2 months. Morning wood was present every day. Did at most 0.5mg anasrozole. Bumped to 100mg/daily for 5 days, libido seems down, no morning wood, dry eyes.. I started by increasing anastrozole as well but dropped it for the last 2 of the 5 days. Has anyone...
  22. T

    Dry eyes on testogel?

    Hi guys, Has anyone experienced dry eyes with Testogel? I have been doing a bit of anastrozole as well but quit recently to see if this has to do with low E2. I experienced this after doubling the dose of the gel.
  23. M

    Anastrozole Sensitivity Changing After Taking it Successfully for Many Years

    Hi, I’m new to this forum, but a long term (7 years) TRT patient. I participated in an online forum similar to this one years ago and it was very helpful for me. Now I’m having some new issues and I again need the support of a community of knowledgeable TRT guys. During my first year or...
  24. J

    Testosterone and Anastrozole combined

    I've been using Defy for my TRT and taking 0.4 T, 0.5 HCG and 1 pill of Anastrozole 2x per week. A local place combines Anastrozole and TRT into a compound and recommends taking it only 1x per week and HCG 3 days later. They said that taking T and HCG at the same time is ineffective. Any...
  25. D

    Nandrolone (Deca Durabolin): Effect on Lab Tests

    PARTICIPATION NEEDED! Of those EM members that have taken nandrolone or are currently taking nandrolone alongside their TRT, we are conducting a small ExcelMale study to help determine the effect that nandrolone has on Total Testosterone, E2, Prolactin, SHBG, free T, and DHT while taking TRT...
  26. B

    How long does it take for AI to work?

    Hello, how are you guys doing? How long does it take for anastrozol to work? I was in 33,79 pg/ml e2 and started anastrozol 0.5mg EOD and tested again now and im in 30pg/ml e2, and considering in that period I started daily injections which is supposed to lower e2. How long does it take in...
  27. Crom_is_good

    TRT and AI

    Hello again, So I began my treatment of testosterone therapy on October 3rd. Currently taking 160 mg a week; planing on going to two injections a week. My estrogen levels were at 30 and I thought that was pretty good. However, my doctor has told me to take 1/2 mg Anastrozole...
  28. I

    Low T and my 10 year journey through treatment

    Ok fellas I have decided to post my detailed journey here for the benefit of anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation. It's long so be warned. Happy to answer questions on whatever I can for you. Into my mid-20s I had still not needed to shave my face (having done so only in the...
  29. A

    DHT: Adding T Cream vs Higher Injections + AI

    Adding supplemental scrotal T cream seems to be the trend lately, and personally I've definitely seen some benefit. Based on information from some doctors and other board members it seems the DHT:E2 ratio is improved, which gives a better sense of well being and libido. However, couldn't the...
  30. T


    I've struggled with estrogen management since I began trt about a year ago. I've always injected Sub-Q and the research supports T levels through Sub-Q. However, at my Wit's end I decided to begin injecting in my deltoid about 2 weeks ago. It's really made a big difference in my estrogen side...
  31. H

    Would this likely be low or high E2?

    I am experiencing some symptoms that I suspect are related to high E2 -- but I also wonder if low E2 could be the cause. I'd appreciate any thoughts from the hivemind here. Current regiment: T Cyp 200 mg/ml and HCG 400 iu -- both twice weekly. Also take .25 Anastrozole twice weekly, taken at...
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