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  1. G

    Sourcing my own Clomid?

    Thinking about sourcing my own meds to save some money. The clinic is charging me around 120 a month for Clomid and Anastrozole. Can someone recommend a good source? Thanks
  2. C

    Anastrozole - Enduring Side Effects 5 Years Later

    Hello all, I’m 28yo male in the US. When I was in my early 20s, I had a residual puffy nipple from puberty. I was very self conscious about this, being pretty deep in weight lifting, and my primary care physician prescribed an anti-estrogen without blood work almost immediately. After about a...
  3. U

    Need some guidance. Palpitations / Anxiety.

    Hey All. I have been experiencing palpitations and frequent anxiety for the last few weeks. Sometimes its debilitating. It causes insomnia. Sometimes thoughts of something life threatening happening in my sleep. I am 33 yr old. Workout 6 days a week vigorously. Eat a good diet. I'm 5' 10" and...
  4. A

    Shiny new guinea pig looking for concensus

    Hi! Shiny new guinea pig here! Just took my second shot yesterday. Very low T (176) 160 T cypionate weekly. 25 mg enclomiphene 2x / week. Also Anastrazole 1mg / week. Will someone in the know please take a look at my pre-T bloodwork and tell me of these prescriptions look acceptable...
  5. S

    New to anastrazole (confusion)

    Struggling to understand this general situation… New doc has started me on enanthate 60mg SQ twice a week. Started monday (today is wed). Also prescribed anastasole 1mg “sometime in between the two doses”. It seems relevant that im 80-90 pounds overweight, carrying it all in belly. Ive read...
  6. D

    Lower E2 = Higher Memory Recall?

    Here is an interesting in vivo study with findings suggesting that lower levels of estrogen in the brain correlate to higher performance in varying forms of memory recall in men. @Cataceous @readalot @Nelson Vergel If a man were to experience brain fog and reduced memory recall while on TRT...
  7. L

    Clomid and Sex Drive / Libido

    Hi All, I've been on clomid for a few months and have been noticing some changes in my sex drive and libido. I got on clomid purely to boost my testosterone for mild anabologic effects. My T was already pretty strong at 750 ng/dl. Dr. Saya put me on clomid, 12.5mg per day, and my levels...
  8. J

    Off TRT for over 3 months, interesting results

    I was previously on TRT for almost 8 years. During that time I struggled getting dialed in as I would never have consistent energy, focus, sexual function, fat loss and pretty much any of the benefits of TRT. I would get "spurts" of the benefits for a week at a time and then they would...
  9. D

    Considering "micro dosing" AI?

    Weekly shot test cyp(I know), was recommended 48hrs post inject to take.5mg anastrazole. I found I felt much better taking anastrazole about the same time as shot. As it is preventative only, this made sense as the T spiked the ai would alongside. This does leave E perhaps unattended after a...
  10. UltraNalu

    Not Gaining Muscle Mass, Not Losing Fat - What's Up?

    My goal: lean muscle mass & strength gains. Reality: I've gained 3.6 lbs of lean muscle mass since Nov.2021 - that's less than a 1 lb per month. I started TRT in Nov 2021. (This is currently near the end of Feb 2022 - so about 4 months of TRT) Test. Cyp injections 35mg x2 weekly with...
  11. B

    anastrozole dosing & timing

    I've been ok'd to take an AI Inhibiter. I see if buy it from Empower at .125, .25, or 1mg. Of course getting the smaller doses is quite a bit more $ than my local Kroger which has 1mg for a few bucks (according to goodrx) So question is, is it worth the extra scratch to get the smaller dose or...
  12. P

    Prescribed Anastrozole – Concerned the starting dose is too high. Clarifications / advice required before administering first dose

    Hi guys, This is my first proper post – I am happy I found this place as it has been an interesting read for the last few days. I have gone over as many anastrozole / Adex posts/threads as I can but cannot quite find specifically what I am looking for, so I hope you do not mind me asking...
  13. F

    Does Anyone Feel Better on an AI?

    I know this topic has been beaten to death and with a little legwork, I am sure to find dozens of threads on this, so I apologize. But, like many here, I am still perplexed on why most forms of TRT I have tried cause side effects that outweigh the benefits. I have a ton of posts out there, but...
  14. L

    Help! Advice before AI (Anastrozole)

    So I've been on TRT for a number of months, and can't seem to get dialed in. I feel lethargic, emotional/mild depression, no drive/motivation, low libido, weak erectile function. Doctor seems a bit flustered and asked what I think the issue is. After all my research, the only thing I can come up...
  15. D

    switching clinics to get away from test/anastrazole mixture and Gonadorelin

    Hello all, I am a 32 year old male 6'-1" and 190 pounds. semi-athletic build with probably around 15% body fat and exercise regularly. Lifestyle over the last year: I lift weights 5 times a week and run about 6 miles per week. I have a pretty good diet and get plenty of sleep usually 8-10 hours...
  16. R

    Controlling estrogen

    What is a good way to control estrogen when anastrazole is too powerful? I was taking 80 mgs of testosterone 2 x a week when my estrogen went through the roof. I started taking .125 mgs of anastrazole 2 x a week and it brought my estradiol down to an 8 and total test was at 854. Can anastrazole...
  17. J

    High estradiol even on anastrazole

    I'm on a morphine pump for chronic back pain and my testosterone dropped to 190. For two years I've been on 1 mg of testosterone cypionate weekly (ships from Empower Pharmacy) and donate blood regularly to keep my hematocrit/hemoglobin levels in check. Last year my estradiol levels were...
  18. S

    Once anastrozole reaches stead state, does E2 stay relatively constant all else equal?

    Assuming one is on anastrozole for a a few weeks, would the E2 levels stay relatively constantly all else equal or does it continue to drive E2 down over time? Basically what I'm asking is how long does one need to be on anastrozole to know if they are on the right dose?
  19. U

    I found a TRT protocol that works

    So after trying injections for 2.5 years I went back to testosterone pellets. I'm one week in and my libido is already coming back strong. I started on pellets 6 years ago and stayed on them for 3 years and they always worked great. I stopped them because every now and then I'd have one that...
  20. R

    Lump Under nipple but low estradiol.

    I’ve been on TRT for about a year now and taking test 200 cyp @ .4 2x a week along with HCG @ 500 iu’s 2x a week. Started taking anastrazole .125 2x a week about 8 weeks in because a lump develop under nipple. Took tamoxifen, started anastrazole and it cleared up. Fast forward approx 6-8 months...
  21. P

    How do I microdose Anastrozole?

    Hi fellows, I'm currently taking .125mg of Anastrozole 2x a week. I'd like up my dosage but not by a 50% and .125mg capsules are the smallest I can get and it's important I take them on certain days of the week as I try to match the peaks and valleys of my AI to my T levels. I use this...
  22. P

    How Much more Anastrozole when Starting HCG?

    Hi guys, I'm currently 150mg T/weekly (subQ) and feel really good. 2x a week I take 1 capsule of Anastrozole (.125mg). My labs all look really good (T, FT, E2, even progesterone). My gf and I want a kid and my doc has prescribed 500iu daily of HCG and then bump it up to 2000iu every other...
  23. R

    Advice on stopping or reducing AI?

    I'm on a 120mg test C, 2000ui HGC and 1 mg anastrozole a week split into two doses. Lab tests have historically been stable Total & Free test is around 1200 - 1300 Free test is around 24 -26 E2 is between 22 - 35 My Doc wants me to stop anastrozole. After all the touted benefits of estradiol...
  24. 5

    New guy, 10 mos. TRT, dosage/ED/libido questions

    Hey all - I've been on TRT for 10 months and just found this forum today - what a MASSIVE wealth of information! I've been relying on a single thread on another forum that's totally unrelated to health, and it's been a huge help, but nothing like this. I could really use your help today; TRT...
  25. K

    In a mild panic, did I just OD on anastrazole?

    So, funny story. (For those that aren’t me lol) I keep my Arimidex on the left, viagra on the right. Evidently during cleaning my wife swapped them not knowing. I took 3 and thought man, I’m getting low. (I wasn’t but hindsight - wrong bottle) so I’m aware the dosage for full blown cancer...
  26. B

    Please comment on my first TRT Protocol:

    After asking if the doc could split my dose into twice a week here is the protocol he recommended: Sunday evening: 75mg Test C taken intramuscularly Monday morning: .25mg HCG taken sub-Q Tuesday: 0.5mg Anastrozole Wednesday morning: 75mg Test C taken intramuscularly Thursday morning: .25mg HCG...
  27. A

    How Long to Feel Better Off AI??

    I was looking for the experiences of guys that have successfully gotten off of an AI. How long did it take to feel better? The anti-AI crowd swear with 100% certainty that your body “just needs to adjust”. Some say a couple weeks and some say a month or so. I have never been able to successfully...
  28. T

    Anastrazole and Arthritis

    My testosterone levels have been on the higher side since starting TRT. And after my last consultation with my doctor they suggested if I wanted to, I could try lowering my weekly injections from .45 ml twice a week of testosterone with .125 mg anastrazole 3x a 0.37 ml twice a week...
  29. T

    AI Troubles

    Guys... Need some help. When I'm high or low with estradiol I'm sensitive where I have a hard time with erections or get soft ones and have no penis sensitivity. Also I have low shbg which is between 13 and 17 depending when taken. My daily dose of test cyp is 30mg and hcg 300iu 2x per week...
  30. M

    Dialing In - Haematocrit & Estradiol Management

    Hey guys, I've been on TRT for about 9 months, and had a very positive experience thus far. Unfortunately, my most recent blood results indicated a couple of anomalies and I was hoping that some of the more knowledgable members here might be able to assist from a knowledge point of view. I've...
  31. A

    Anastrazole makes me so tired

    I took my first dose of 0.125mg yesterday and now it's like I've run a marathon. Have you guys had similar reactions? Does it stop after a while or is it persistent? I'm guessing the reason is that it can reduce red blood cell count and I, for genetic reasons, have low hemoglobin.
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