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    Are AST and ALT completely useless for weight trainers?

    Should people weight training completely ignore AST and ALT, and simply look at the other liver markers instead? ALT & AST just seem unreliable for people doing weight training:
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    Blood Work, New Doc, Concerns

    So my pcp retired, I now have a new pcp who says he cannot prescribe TRT. I was referred to Endo and it's a 6-8 month wait. I'm on my last 1ml vial. I injected .15ml on Monday vs the usual .25 . I've also been out of HCG for 3 weeks...and strangely I can feel the difference. Furthermore I just...
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    Thyroid,Bun,ast/alt feedback

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my thyroid, bun(1st time my bun has been this high, it usually sits at 21), ast, and alt results. Feel free to ask about any other doubts you may have. A quick summary of what I have been doing. I did a 26 week cut and I know when...
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    AST and ALT Elevated Since Starting TRT - Is This Unusual?

    I have been on TRT for 8 weeks now and due to have my follow-up labs at week 12. However, last week I was able to get some labs completed and all looked good except for ALT and AST are now high, out of range. In all my prior blood work AST and ALT have always been in range. The only thing I am...
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    3 month TRT labs!! Questions about TRT and heart issues.

    Hello everyone. I'm 41 and started TRT with Defy (Thanks Dr. Saya!) 11/7/2016. Here is the protocol: 70 mg Testosterone Cypionate (every 3.5 days) 350 IU HCG (every 3.5 days) 25 mg DHEA (2x day) I have been feeling better with the TRT, especially the last month. Unfortunately, I just spent 4...
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