1. H

    All the sudden have high T and E after two years of stable TRT dosage.

    I've been on TRT for the last 2 years and it's been great. My mood, anxiety, libido, and function have all been on point for the most part. I take .25cc of T and HCG twice a week and have never had to adjust. I get my blood work done twice a year and have been on track with good levels for...
  2. keithc2485


    SOOO, I added HCG to my TRT the end of may 2019;.. the first 4 weeks was 500iu a week .....i wasnst sure how my body was going to react .... so i jumped it up to 800iu the last 2 weeks of the first 6 weeks of it before my first Labs to check E2 and hema it was fine... so I jumped it up to...
  3. N

    Side Affects From The Ai !

    For the first 6 months,on trt I felt awesome. Had my labs done for the third time. My e2 jumped to 180 Feeling great. I was not taking a ai, doctor insisted I take a ai. Now getting insomnia and anxiety, mood swings, nausea.I have never felt anxiety to this level. I blamed it on high e2. I quit...
  4. P

    Exemestane vs Tamoxifen vs Anastrozole: How Much and How Often?

    Hi guys, My first post and grateful this site exists. I'm about to start TRT and don't get my labs back for a week. I had been on it before but discontinued when hospitalized for some stuff (unrelated and now gone). I'm going to start with 100mg a week of either equal parts (deca, cyp, eth...
  5. G

    Seeking clarification from AI opponents

    Since I do want to sign up for jay Campbell's 50$/month forum to maybe get access to Dr. Keith Nichols, Dr. Rob etc. I will post these questions here. This is not intended to invite argument for/against aromatase inhibitor usage. I simply want to understand the perspective of AI opponents...
  6. D

    Ditch your AI now - you don't need it!

    I'm a long time lurker and haven't posted much (perhaps even never) but I felt I should contribute something in return: I have very mild gyno that I've had most of my life. As soon as my E2 goes up it starts getting sore. That's when I USED to take an arimidex and it would go away. This time...
  7. G

    TOT roundtable contradicting themselves once again

    So not trying to start anymore drama with the round table or anything, but I just can’t stand to see these guys contradict themselves like this. They all say that water retention is not a side effect of high E2, and that it’s either in our heads, has more to do with our diet, or it’s from the...
  8. A

    Trying to wean off of AI

    TT 836 (264-916) FT 21.3 (6.8-21.8) E2 sensitive 20.1 (8-35) SHBG 31 (16-55) Prolactin 8.7 (4.8-23.3) DHT 54 (30-85) DHEA-S 574 (71-375) Thyroid panel good Test C 34mg EOD, HCG 300 EOD, DHEA 50 mg daily, anastrozole 0.25mg twice/week. I’ve been on TRT for this past year. I’ve lost a good...
  9. Jiu Jitsu Dude

    Anastrozole needed with Tamoxifen HPTA Restart?

    Hi Guys, I'm getting off TRT to possibly get my wife pregnant. I also have struggled with anxiety a lot while on trt. My question is do I need an AI during my 4-6 weeks of tamoxifen? I am very sensitive to E2. While working with defy we figured out that I cannot be over 15 pg/ml (sensitive...
  10. J

    High Estradiol

    I’m currently on Dr prescribed TRT at 200mg/week of Test C. My Estradiol is 104. My doctor prescribed 1mg of Anastrozole 2x week. Does this seem like a high dosage? Thanks
  11. 3

    E2 Recovery After Tanking (with results)

    I've posted on here several times that my previous Dr tanked my E2 by pre-mixing A'dex with my Test Cyp (200mg T with 1mg Arimidex). I switched Drs, who kept everything the same, but gave me 0.3mg A'dex pills. I was instructed NOT to take the A'dex for my first two injections (Friday, June 15th...
  12. S

    Need Help With AI Dose Since Doctor Can't Help

    Hey guys, Ive been on trt for about 1 1/2 years and currnetly ive gotten my level to a good range but my estrogen is still a bit high. i have the 1mg anastrozole tabs but im not sure how much to take without lowering my E too much,last time i tried it I think it dropped too low and i felt like...
  13. T

    Arimidex Timing

    Hi All, So i was curious, my doctor has me on every 6 day injections. Do you guys tailor your AI around that schedule. Like should i take it the day of my shot? I'm on a MWF AI regimen. However, I don't want my estrogen through the roof on those first couple of days. It was up there at 55 last...
  14. J

    Aromatase Inhibitor

    Hello everyone, I am currently on TRT (150 mg/week) and I am having some estrogen issues. My last lab showed my E2 at 55 pg/mL. At the same time, my doc does not want to put me on an AI. I might have to go through the black market to get some. Does anyone know of any legit places that I could...
  15. maxadvance

    Aromasin as a prescribed AI

    Any opinions on this AI? I've heard it is less debilitating than anostrozole and just has a better rep. Also heard that it can't compounded yet because of Upjohns strong patent. So maybe cost is a concern?