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    ADHD, treatments, libido

    So , quite sure I have had ADHD my entire life and considering getting treatment for it. Been 10 years of TRT, Thyroid protocol tweaking with pretty much zero improvement in libido and ED. PT-141, Viagra, Cialis all with minimal help. I have seen read some people get great improvement (and some...
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    UARS, suspecting ADHD. TRT uncovered dissatisfaction with my job

    I believe something happened what I was afraid off. After starting TRT I became more and more dissatisfied with my job as time went on. In June I turned 35 and a mid life crisis hit me, I wanna retire, go to a gym, talk to women, but I have enough savings to last only two years without touching...
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    Best way to Inject HCG 1500IU for reversing testicular atrophy?

    Hi guys, I've recently got some HCG hormone, Pregnyl. The dose is 1500IU and it obviously comes with the vial of Bacteriostatic Water (1ml) along with the vial of the powdered HCG itself. My questions is dosing. I'm assuming that I can just add the 1ml of water to the powder and then split...
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