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  1. A

    Started low dose accutane and my skin is clearer than ever/ I feel great. But my doctor wants to double my dose?…

    I'm 29 years old and 190 lbs and have dealt with cystic acne on my back for the past 10 years. Its hormonal acne from when I took pro hormones a decade ago and never recovered. I tried everything, and nothing has successfully cleared me up. I finally decided to pull the trigger and start...
  2. A

    Accutane while on TRT?

    Is it ill advised to take accutane while on TRT? Ive tried seriously nearly everything for back acne and no success. I know Accutane can mess with lipids so I was wondering: If I take a bout of accutane should I get off TRT? or stay on through the entirety of the accutane usage (7 months)?
  3. S

    Treatment resistant acne

    Hi, Just looking for a second opinion on the cystic acne I’ve been dealing with and a plan to re-introduce testosterone. The back ground is a little long but pertinent, I think. Back in May I started a course of prednisone for an ulcerative colitis flare up. About 3 months after that, I...
  4. S

    How long for acne to resolve after stopping TRT?

    Hi, I'm currently on testosterone trans-scrotal cream 150mg daily (100mg AM and 50mg PM). I'm finding myself in a position where I need to stop it to rule out the testosterone being the cause of my cystic acne. How long of a trial do you think you'd need to see a difference in a side effect...
  5. M

    Sudden severe back acne after years on TRT with none.

    TRT 4.5 years. Current Protocol: 105mg pw, inj EOD Recently started anastrozole (0.25mg E5D) after many months no AI. First 4 years absolutely no acne whatsoever. Then about 6 months ago (might be slightly longer) I started getting back acne. Sometimes it gets reduces slightly, but then comes...
  6. FunkOdyssey

    Poll: Cream vs Injection DHT Sides

    I'm interested to hear from men that have tried both injections and cream when it comes to side effects commonly attributed to DHT, like acne and hair loss. It is clear that serum DHT on cream is ridiculously elevated to many multiples of the normal range in almost everyone using it. However...
  7. W

    Cypionate 200 - Sebaceous hypaerplasia

    Hi so I’m taking 200mg per week of cip for 3 years for low t l, I feel great but I’m starting to get sebaceous hyperplasia and small acne’s in my hair line and on my face the cip has the blockers in it so I should not be getting side effects but I’m thinking I need something to blast the oil...
  8. N

    How to stop TRT?

    So after a few years on TRT. (125mg Test E E6D) A few years where I felt pretty good. I now have to stop :( Scalp acne is out of control. Painful cysts and nothing helps. Well years ago I was on 2 rounds of Accutane for it and it helped for years. And it has returned again now....For the 3...
  9. U

    Nodular acne on back out of nowhere, is it dietary or the TRT? HELP!

    In 2018 I started getting crazy nodular acne on my back, this is the deep stuff that is not poppable and does not have a head on it. I had started lifting in 2017 at 34.5 and was starting to increase calories as to not be a skeleton anymore. Somewhere along the way my skin revolted, salicylic...
  10. M

    Can Testosterone quality affect acne?

    I'll try to keep this short. On TRT for almost 4 years. When I started, TRT in my country was non-existent. (these days there are a few clinics but none near me). So I've been doing it myself this whole time. I've been using pharma grade Test (cyp, enth) this whole time. About 2 months ago I had...
  11. C

    42 y/o, scrotal cream, high dht and acne... will finasteride help?

    I've been on scrotal cream for a few years. Feel great. However I have always got pretty annoying facial acne. My dht is pretty high 155ng/dL, however it's been as high as 290ng/dL. The range is usually 14 to 77ng/dL. FWIW, I used to be at a measley 8ng/dL before I started. Total T is around...
  12. S

    TT: 1100+ E2: 95+ on 150mg/week MWF. Sensitive/standard assay results compared.

    11 weeks in. IM VG injections. No adjuncts of any kind. TT 1141.2 ng/dl (LC/MS-MS) FT 347 (ordered the sensitive assay, labeled as MS/Dialysis? Mentions LC/MS-MS in the details, units not listed) E2 97.1 pg/ml (sensitive, details state LC/MS-MS) SHBG 25.1 nmol/L HCT 49.6% I also ordered the...
  13. A

    My acne weirdly went away after I stopped rotating injection sites

    Ive been having acne issues since switching to Insulin Pins. and had no Idea why. I inject 30 mg EOD, and rotate Shoulders and Ventroglutes. I started suspecting that maybe it had to do with my shoulder injections going sub Q, unintentionally due to there being more fat content in that region vs...
  14. A

    I stopped Rotating Injection sites and it cleared up my acne

    Ive been having acne issues since switching to Insulin Pins. and had no Idea why. I inject 30 mg EOD, and rotate Shoulders and Ventroglutes. I started suspecting that maybe it had to do with my shoulder injections going sub Q, unintentionally due to there being more fat content in that region vs...
  15. A

    Has anyone use retinol for acne?

    I know many have experience with Accutane, and claim that they cleared their Acne up permanently, But does anyone have experience with retinol, which is essentially topical Accutane? since upping my dose, I’ve experienced a bit of acne. But I don’t want to take Accutane due to the long-term...
  16. J

    Acne with TRT

    Hi... I have been on TRT using continuously Xyosted 100 mg (1 time per week) for about 6 months. I have noticed a lot of acne on my back.... is it common? are you experiencing acne too, if so what are you doing to minimize it? any cream or recommendation.. Thank you,
  17. S

    My acne just stopped about 11 months into TRT and I don't understand why

    I couldn't control my shoulder acne and some back acne this whole first year until recently. Nothing I did mattered from a hygiene/soap perspective. My clinic has been rotating me thru a couple of different pharmacies (Absolute in FL/Rite Away Rx in Texas) for some reason and my most recent...
  18. Fernando Almaguer

    AI decreasing acne, drying it out at least some

    Ok, now I am not crazy.. lol but acne seems to lessen if I take some sort of AI. When I do not for a while I get very angry cystic acne on shoulders and lats and upper back. What gives here?
  19. A

    Testosterone cypionate drug interaction

    I am on testosterone cypionate weekly injections and was prescribed Bactrim DS for my acne by me derma. Bactrim blocks many of the cyp enzymes that break down certain drugs and I was wondering if this would interfere at all with testosterone cypionate metabolism?
  20. S

    Does variation in peak/trough equate to libido?

    I have been on TRT for about three years. In January I switched to daily injections in an effort to control hematocrit, acne and sleep issues. I began at 20 mg per day and have slowly decreased my dose down to what is now 14 mg per day under the theory that the lowest possible dose is best. I...
  21. D

    Eye spy a STYE

    Afternoon folks, I'm now 4 weeks into my trt treatment (125mg Sustanon E5d). I'm happy with the progress and know I'm very very early on in the process. So this weekend I woke up a with a painful stye in my eye lid, had a look in mirror and possibly more than one on same eye. In my early 20's...
  22. C

    Body Acne -- Caused by DHT or E2?

    I've been dealing with horrible acne all over my chest, shoulders, and back for about 4 months now. I started TRT back in October of last year (2019), but it took a while for the acne to develop. Everywhere I look, I get conflicting reports on what causes body acne in men on TRT. Half the...
  23. F

    Adding in nandrolone. Let’s see how this goes.

    Greetings all. I’m posting this to get thoughts from the group as well as to journal my results for the group. I’m 42 and been on TRT for a few years. I have secondary hypogonandism, a past sleeve gastrectomy, hashimotos, and some mild hypertension well controlled. I also had a past...
  24. F

    Balance Acne TRT Side Effects and Symptom Relief

    Hello, I am a 31 y.o male who has been on and off TRT for around 5+ years. I've recently had a problem finding a balance in receiving the benefits of TRT without side effects. When I dose TRT at 2x60mg per week (120mg total), I have complete symptom resolution. However, I have noticed at the...
  25. W

    Anyone have a good solution for back acne?

    I tried Hibiclense without success.
  26. B

    4 months TRT, back acne just started

    Been on 2x "100mg Test C" & 2x "500IU HCG" for nearly 4 months and really enjoying the results. About a month ago I noticed that acne on my back started showing up and is slowly getting worse. Is there something that's not harsh which I should start taking now before it turns to scar causing acne?
  27. F

    Adding some nandrolone to TRT?

    Hi all- I’m a Defy patient that had stopped TRT for a few months due to international travel and is restarting. I was pretty dialed in but had one side effect that I just couldn’t manage before. Acne mostly on my legs that was bad enough to cause some scaring. Penile sensitivity could was a...
  28. N

    Does testosterone thicken the skin?

    “The cause of PCOS acne is elevated levels of testosterone. This masculinizing hormone is produced in the bodies of both males and females, especially during the teenage years. In addition to causing hair growth, muscle growth, and aggressive mood, it also thickens and toughens the skin...
  29. N

    Flaxseed milk and Phytoestrogens

    Well, long story short... I switched to flaxseed milk a month ago for the extra 3000mg omega 3’s daily.... been having a really bad acne breakout for about two weeks. In the past I learned high e2 gives me horrible acne... looks like I’m switching back to regular or almond milk.
  30. TestAdvocate

    Low Dose Accutane for TRT Acne

    Acne is so frustrating while on TRT! I'm thinking of trying "off label" therapy with Accutane - micro-dosing with just 10mg of generic accutane every other day. One of the problems I see is my "go to" overseas pharmacy (All Day Chemists and ReliableRX) do not carry generic accutane. Has...
  31. N


    It’s not really a testosterone side effect for me though. I’ve always had bacne since I was a teen. Lots of people say it’s caused by DHT but, I have minimal body hair, and absolutely no male pattern baldness. Is there anything besides accutane to get rid of it? Defy Medical can’t prescribe it...
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