acid reflux

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    Can Omeprazole- Acid Reflux Medication Decrease Ferritin and Cause ED?

    I currently have acid reflux and am taking Omeprazole. I have read on here that Omeprazole (Proton Pump Inhibitors) can adversely affect Ferritin, cause ED, etc. so I would like to try something else. Can anyone recommend a probiotic, supplement, or other med to treat my acid reflux? Thanks!
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    New Vitamin/Supplement/Nootropic Suggestions

    I am looking for a couple of vitamins/supplements/nootropics to try. I am 44 male, 6'2", 215lbs, and in decent shape. I recently had a full battery of tests done and the the only significant finding was low ferritin (see test results in "Blood Test Discussion" section). Here is a list of what...
  3. JWSimpkins

    4 Steps to Dynamic Digestion

    There is no condition that is more insidiously detrimental to our long-term health and performance than compromised digestive function. The symptoms of poor digestion can often be quite vague and variable, other times they are more pronounced in the form of gas, bloating, nausea, acid reflux...