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    Case deliberations: To treat or not to treat with testosterone therapy?

    Interesting. I wonder how many prostate cancer patients receive Testosterone as well a small doses of finasteride???
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    BPH vs PSA

    Do you have a weak urine stream? Did your doc give you a digital rectal exam where he inserted his finger to feel your prostate? Did he say it was large for your age?
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    Enlarged Prostate and DHT levels

    51 I sometimes have a constant irritative feeling in my prostate area. Not pain but it almost feels as if my prostate is swollen.
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    Enlarged Prostate and DHT levels

    No, just BPH and some prostate inflammation.
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    Enlarged Prostate and DHT levels

    Hey guys, i thought i saw a thread that said your prostate wont grow any larger whether you have a dht level of 150 or only 50. Is this correct ???? I guess you need to have very low dht levels in order to shrink it or prevent further growth. I think reference range is 35-79..
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    How long does it take to get to pre TRT levels!?

    If you needed TRT, why in the world would you want to go back to “ pre TRT levels”??? Also, you were doing 200 mgs per week which in my opinion is a mild steroid cycle.
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    PSA at 5.3

    200 mgs per week of testosterone is not TRT, its a mild steroid cycle. That is NOT good for the prostate. Because your doc says its enlarged and it probably is based on your psa, you would be smart to take the uroxatral or flomax. If you dont, you run the risk of damaging both your bladder and...
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    New therapy for Enlarged Prostate

    Vince This is a bit more recent. MARLBOROUGH, Mass., Jan. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE: BSX) today announced that datafrom a randomized clinical trial demonstrate that Rezūm™ Water Vapor Therapy, a minimally invasive treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia...
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    What Every Man Should Know About Prostatitis

    I am almost convinced my prostate issues started after using hcg. I too have an irritated prostate that sometimes feels that a tennis ball is inside my rectum. No real pain but i have a feeling of irritation.
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    New therapy for Enlarged Prostate

    Its called “ Rezum “. It evaaporates excess prostate tissue using Steam. Its a very quick procedure that can be done right in the doctors office. No issues with incontinence, no erection issues, no ejaculaion issues. Another procedure called Uro Lift also has no side effects. They say the...
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    Cialis versus Flomax in Men with Prostate Enlargement

    Take flomax at night. It helps with the stream but big time with urge. Flomax at night, cialis at noon.
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    Doxazosin restored my morning erections

    Doxazosin ( Cardura) is actually used to treat enlarged prostates. No one knows why but many men with BPH have erection issues. Perhaps trying to get aroused when you constantly have an urge to urinate is the culprit.
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    Something better then cialis

    I dont get any side effects from cialis ( thank the lord). I am getting a prescription for it for prostate enlargement ( BPH ).
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    Cialis versus Flomax in Men with Prostate Enlargement

    Any of you guys use flomax? How old were you when you were first diagnosed with BPH ? I do know if bph is ignored, it can lead to permanant damage to the bladder as well as kidneys.
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    For those that do not benefit from TRT alone: Is growth hormone an option?

    Average range for GH levels in adult males is .4 - 10 ng/ ml.. Like T, which has a normal range of 300 - 900, a level of 350 is low for a 50 year old so i would suspect with Gh, a level of 4 or higher is optimal. To me, Gh could be dangerous so a doc would need to tread lightly when prescribing...
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    For those that do not benefit from TRT alone: Is growth hormone an option?

    Just read an article about a guy who was a bit low in testosterone. Thyroid was fine and was in ok shape but had low T. Doc prescribed T injections which helped libido but still had low energy despite his T levels now being 785 opposed to his natural level of 326. His free T was also in a good...
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    Men who have good natural T levels.—-

    Very healthy men with good T levels who excercise experience the same fluctuations in mood and libido as most men on T injections/ replacement. I feel far too many men “ overly adjust dosages” in order to find that perfect level. There really isnt one. The key is to find a dosage that keeps you...
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    Why clomid instead of nolvadex?

    Clomid has a more direct effect on the hypothalamus. Clomid also doesnt raise shbg nearly as much as nolvadex. Nolvadex also lowers IGF1 whereas clomid doesnt seem to do that. Low dose clomid seems to work better. Nolvadex is much better for gyno as its more breast tissue specific..