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    Is Marriage for Me? Seeking input from guys.

    Hey guys thanks for looking at my post. I have a fiance and shes amazing and wonderful and I love her to death the problem is I am dreading marriage life and feel like my life is over. I don't sleep with her that well. She falls asleep very easily unlike myself and I dread once having kids...
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    Does anyone use Nandrolone (Deca Durabolin) ?

    Nelson I have read that anabolics can hurt the hip joint ball area as opposed to every other area where it is helpful. I most likely have a hip labrum tear and wish to see if nandrolone would help in healing this if i do everything suggested by my PT like band stretches etc.
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    High testosterone but low other hormones in women

    Her DHEA sulfate is great high end, so I'm not sure. I think she is great but we might be sexually incompatible. Her actually wanting it only once every two weeks doesn't work for me.
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    High testosterone but low other hormones in women

    So my lady got labs finally, from discounted labs she had high natural total testosterone 54, 2.7 free T, but relatively low progesterone at 0.2, and 105 estradiol. This was 5 days after her period. What's strange is despite the high T she has low libido for 26 years old, (never is horny sex...
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    The U.S. Makes Up 80% of the Testosterone Market Worldwide

    No mention of Russia how can this be? I guess most men just use it but it isn't by medical requirement?
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    Latest Update on Metformin

    I take normal 500mg twice daily with food
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    Latest Update on Metformin

    I've been on metformin for around 3 to 4 weeks and have changed dramatically. After talks with Nelson and having to constantly raise my trt to make a decent total T count, insulin resistance could be cause. No more ibs symptoms weight loss, better mood etc. I don't think I'll ever change. This...
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    Divorce and Oral contraception are inherently linked? I'm trying to find the research based on some of the claims in the article, and I wouldn't be surprised if it is all bunk...but I am curious to the chart that is shown with that correlate the rate of...
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    Supplementing T3 and drastic bowel movement changes

    I started supplementing 25mcg T3 cytomel to my every day, and I was pleasantly surprised by the results so far. I am warmer everyday, but my bowels have changed a lot. I go less frequently and when I do it isn't explosive and semi-watery/flaky, but solid and the consistent of healthy stool. I...
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    Male Birth Control

    No guy wants to use a condom, and in a drunken stupor most low income guys I doubt remember to use it when they need too. Having conscious forethought would prevent a ton of pregnancies.
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    Male Birth Control

    They are saying a new method may be coming about soon. I'm curious and its a total ridiculous statement to predict things, but what do you think will happen when low income men are being handed out free male birth control. I think things will literally turn on its head. I think more women will...
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    Fasting Times

    So its been 24 hours fasting and I haven't been that active at all, very sedentary, but I frankly feel no hunger, should I just continue until I'm hungry, I almost never feel hungry anymore...its very rare that I feel the hunger pains and when I do I just wonder if it has to do with the fact...
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    Male depression and suicide: it's time for a change

    I'm a very sensitive man and am anxiety ridden. Whenever I discuss anything personal like health and wellness or anything positive or negative I can tell most people men especially get very uncomfortable. When I discussed TRT around someone I am not ashamed of it and love the science...people...
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    Penis Girth Enhancement Video

    I know you are probably friends with him etc, but I'm confused why only research around this man is being presented. I don't actually wish to hear from him, I would like external research and reviews about his product, as you need a lot of it before this would make sense. I would rather have a...
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    Penis Girth Enhancement Video

    How can there be no conflict of interest? Isn't the guy who wrote this also the one who makes these sort of injections? Many different sites there are reports of horrible side effects.
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    Two FDA Approved Drugs May Help Fight Baldness

    HOLY CRAP!!!! How many months do you need to use this for completed hairgrowth? This would make sense if you buy a one months supply and your hair grows back and you are done with it. Is this something you need for the rest of your life to keep the hairgrowth going? I'm sure a bunch of us would...
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    Two FDA Approved Drugs May Help Fight Baldness

    Jesus Nelson, how much are we talking here? Didn't know you can already buy them. Tim
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    HCG and Water rentention

    why is no one answering the option of using a low dose diuretic, does that open up another can of worms?
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    Exercise Apathy

    Hey guys, so I can't seem to find a way to overcome this feeling of apathy, I'm around 20-30 pounds overweight and just can't seem to get into it. I go into the Y and its always packed and I hate working out around people so I get on a cardio machine instead of lifting how I wanted to and then I...
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    Flaky Skin issues on testosterone?

    Thanks Vince I will grab that I use Nizoral to prevent hairloss is there a zinc fortified conditioner that you know of? Thanks
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    Flaky Skin issues on testosterone?

    This may or may not be related to testosterone, but I'm having some really bad skin issues not related to pimples etc, but rather really dry flaky skin even starting to happen on my face, scalp has been itchy dry and flaky for years now with red bumps that can develop little scabs. I also after...
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    Prostatitis culture where to get?

    So I'm looking for a prostatitis culture. I realized that whatever I have I passed to my gf as well now we both have problems. We are new partners, but she smells really bad during sex now its almost unbareable, whereas when we first met she smelled amazing, and I know it is probably from me. I...
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    Testosterone induced water retention: Guide to Natural Diuretics

    Can you send me a message where you might be getting yours Coast, I don't want to use an AI, but my face feels and looks like its been bloating big time for a couple months. What are your dosing protocols? I am 6'7 245lbs
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    Testosterone induced water retention: Guide to Natural Diuretics

    Nelson, I'm assuming Hydrochlorothiazide isn't a highly regulated drug, do any RCL companies have it or is there somewhere to purchase this? Thanks
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    Penis Girth Enhancement Video

    Thanks Nelson, a lot of the negative horrible reviews I've read are from 3 years or so after where it seems like an auto immune disorder arises and wreaks havoc, this study doesn't cover that far it'd be great for a 10 year study
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    Webinar on Clomid, Anastrozole, HCG, DHEA, finasteride syndrome and much more

    Dr. Crisler, would you recommend this even for puberty level gyno and the patient is 29...tamoxifen therapy?
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    Balls getting smaller even on HCG

    I inject 500ius at a time 3 times weekly. 11000 iu vial, purchased from tricoast (defy medical) labs are on their way
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    Balls getting smaller even on HCG

    Taking HCG 1500 split 3 times weekly, but my sex drive has decreased dramatically and my balls are noticeably smaller. I assume it is E2 so popped one .25 of anastrozole and I do think it helped but on a very small scale. I also have a cough with no other symptoms.
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    Awesome Source For Peptides

    updates please...
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    Penis Enlargement Exercises Let Get Real

    So I see on this site tools and surgeries etc and things to increase penis size and etc etc...but what about the manual exercises that guys swear by that it works. All the exercises like at have there been any studies at all on manual enlargement in girth and length by doing these...
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    SAD (Seasonal Depressive Disorder) or Wtf

    None recent. Not going to for a couple months.