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  1. maxadvance

    Prescribe Rapamycin, Sirolimus

    Will Defy offer prescriptions on this? or any other telemedicine providers? Hopefully Dr Saya will see this because I'm ready to try. Thx
  2. maxadvance

    Curcumin to Lower Hematocrit ?

    Saw the thread a few weeks back regarding a cancer patient that took curcumin to relieve his arthritis while undergoing chemo. His hemoglobin dropped a few points in a short period. So being the lab rat that I am, and having some pretty juicy hct numbers, I had to see for myself. Let me start...
  3. maxadvance

    Discounted Labs- Outstanding

    Just some evidence based results. Ordered online for Test-total and free, and hematocrit for $34 plus labdraw at 12:45 Thursday pm. Made labcorp appointment for 1:30 same day. Got lab requisition at 12:55, printed it and arrived at Labcorp at 1:05. Checked in and seated right away, was finished...
  4. maxadvance

    Well, this can't be good, high dose aas >>>Dementia

    Supraphysiologic-dose anabolic-androgenic steroid use: a risk factor for dementia? Kaufman MJ1, Kanayama G2, Hudson JI2, Pope HG2. Author information Abstract Supraphysiologic-dose anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) use is associated with physiologic, cognitive, and brain abnormalities similar...
  5. maxadvance

    DHEA Dosing Protocol

    I tried it years ago and I was dosing 50-100 mg a day and it just felt bad. Now I'm seeing protocols of 10-25mg per day by some and saying that it's perfect for them. Others saying that anything over 30mg a day is too much and kills any benefit it may provide at a lower dose. And others like...
  6. maxadvance

    High Hematocrit Effect on Blood Pressure & Effect of Altitude on Hematocrit

    So Jay and Dr Nichols are doing a full court press on evidence based symptoms, saying most initial sides are basically psychosomatic and to quit being pussies and get through it, Dr Nichols wents so far a couple days ago and said pretty much the entire membership of Excel Male needs to apply...
  7. maxadvance

    Sustanon vs Cyp and others

    Just a personal observation, but last few months I've been injecting 180mg Sust a week in 2 pins. Versus Cypionate for the year and a half prior. Man, what an improvement it is over the past protocol. Anyone that says all delivery versions of Test are the same just a different ester delivering...
  8. maxadvance

    Bunk Meds from Hallandale

    So Defy switched up my providing pharmacy from APS to Hallandale. I had posted an earlier thread stating I wasn't too stoked about it and the fact that they split it up in 2 5ml vials. Mixed response. So be it. I had my six month consult and lab review with the nurse and we agreed to bump up...
  9. maxadvance

    Dr Crisler out at Defy?

    No more consults at Defy as of the 9th. Curious why this hasn't been mentioned , quite a few Defy patients with him as their consult.
  10. maxadvance

    Dave Palumbo goes to Envizion Medical

    This is good stuff, hilarious too. Former bodybuilder walks in and they prescribe 400 mg of Test and 200 mg of Deca per week on his first visit, awesome lol
  11. maxadvance

    Best testosterone injection site, no aspiration needed, avoids all nerves

    So I ran across the term "Ventrogluteal IM injection site" and found an article describing it as what is currently the most medically recommended injection site. I tried it a few times now and have to agree. No blood gushing pinholes, no veins, no nerves, minimal pain. IN: The Ventrogluteal IM...
  12. maxadvance

    Resistance Exercise Can Increase Liver Enzymes

    True story, I had to check because I've really wrecked myself the past two weeks and am curious as to what this mornings blood tests will reveal Muscular exercise can cause highly pathological liver function tests in healthy men What is already known about this subject The occurrence of...
  13. maxadvance

    EPA vs DHA, Know the Differences

    Both are uniquely beneficial, but when combating inflammation and omega-6's, EPA is a clear choice, my omega-3 consumption is split up between the 2. What are the real differences between EPA and...
  14. maxadvance

    9 Week Bloods after starting Defy

    My protocol is .4ml twice a week of Test C, and 35ius of HCG twice a week, and started at .25 mg and currently at .125mg anostrozole twice a week(this was my call), based on Dr Saya's recs.. Noone ever had me test my SBHG levels before so I felt it may be a good idea. I think I was right...
  15. maxadvance

    LIPO-C Injections, different recipes between Pharmacies

    I just started taking the lipo-C injections prescribed by Defy. I'm injecting 1ml 2 days on, 1 off. I definitely feel it, motor is running all day. But I notice different recipes between Defy(TriCoast mixed it) and what I see Empower mixing. Mainly, Empowers adds Leucine and Chromium. Those are...
  16. maxadvance

    Aromasin as a prescribed AI

    Any opinions on this AI? I've heard it is less debilitating than anostrozole and just has a better rep. Also heard that it can't compounded yet because of Upjohns strong patent. So maybe cost is a concern?
  17. maxadvance

    Defy's Policy on Scrips

    Just wondering what their policy is on scrips. I want to say I remember reading that they charge $15 per scrip if it isn't fulfilled by them, not sure though. I just keep seeing these ridiculously low prices on Test and HCG in threads from EM, and from pharmacies we're all familiar with, that I...
  18. maxadvance

    Just Started Defy protocol

    So thanks to this community and Nelson, I have started with Defy. I began with an hour consult with Nelson, highly recommended since he has a wealth of experience and he's a pretty smart guy. And the following day I had my 1 hour consult with Dr. Saya, he is very straightforward, very calm in...
  19. maxadvance

    What up dudes

    Hey guys, 52 yo from Southern Cali. Been on TRT for about a year. Quality of life has seen significant improvement re focus, energy, and physical feeling. That being said, I still feel like I need to get this therapy dialed in, and caught topics re HCG here on this site, and it really caught...