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    9 month labs, E2 high

    Hey everyone, I recently got back my 9 month trt labs. At 3 months (monday AM labs pre injection), my TT was 970, free T 25.2 and E2 sensitive was 25, SHBG 29.9. Protocol has been the same throughout 50mg of test M/W/F (recently changed to T/TH/Sat), 25-30mg DHEA/day, 300 HCG 3x/wk, no AI. I...
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    First 3 month blood work back. Any thoughts/comments?

    Protocol is 50mg test cyp 3x/wk (150mg total), 300iu HCG 3x/wk,30mg/day DHEA. No AI. Bloodwork highlights pre-TRT were: HCT:42.9 Cholesterol total:163 HDL:65 (>40) LDL:86 (<130) E2(sensitive)14.1(8-35)Labcorp Tot. Test:383 (250-1100)Quest Free Test:79.7 (35-155)Quest SHBG:22 (10-50)Quest...
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    This is the status quo attitude about half life Delivered with arrogance!
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    Anyone alternate IM and SQ for test shots?

    I am starting Testosterone therapy with Defy next week. Was given the option of IM or SQ. Protocal is M/W/F, T cyp and HCG. Was wondering if alternating the cyp IM and SQ each time for variety would work as well as sticking with just one? Does anyone do this? If so, any problems?
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    Appointment with Defy in 2-3 weeks

    Hi everybody, I first wanted to introduce myself and thank everyone on this wonderful forum for sharing their experiences so we can all learn. I felt obligated to share my experience as well rather than just "take" information. So I have an appointment with Defy fairly soon and wanted to get...