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    Nitric oxide vs antioxidants

    Hey guys, I like to use arginine, citrulline, etc to encourage nitric oxide for blood flow as do some others. However it's come to my attention that at some point it's a free radical. Also using antioxidants may decrease nitric oxide? How do we get the best of both worlds? Any thoughts?
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    Melatonin gives me insomnia?

    Used to work but now at best go to sleep for a few hours then wake. Even at lower doses. Seem to get this from any form of magnesium recently too. Used to love zma. Take theanine at that point. Takes awhile to take effect but at least I can get up for work. Anyone have any thoughts on this. TIA
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    HCG protocols?

    Hi, my doc has recommended 500iu hcg on days 3 & 5 alongside my once a week cyp injection. I'm thinking days 4 & 6 might work better? Don't see alot of hcg protocols for trt when googling. Any thoughts? TIA
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    Turmeric and iron?

    Wonder if this could help hematocrit? Iron Deficiency Anemia Due to High-dose Turmeric