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    Increased urination

    So I've started TRT and on my third week. Having this one issue only. I'm constantly urinating. Like almost every hour more or less. It's a normal amount, no problems starting or stopping. I'm also taking T3 for hypothyroidism. Don't know if this is from testosterone or T3? Started both the...
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    Dialing in.

    So I've pretty much gotten all my preliminary work done. Labs, physical etc.... Just need some honest answers. I'm 42 and have a two year old daughter. Married as well. Both of us work full time jobs, normal stress of life...all that jazz. My biggest concern right now with crossing this bridge...
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    Intro. Getting my lab work this Saturday.

    I'm turning 42 this month. Had 3 testosterone test in my mid 30s. The first one was 120 TT and the final one was 210 several months later. At that point they considered it normal and quit testing. Never took started any trt before. Now I'm going through defy medical to see my options. I have...