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    E2 Rise w/ TRT + HCG + Avodart

    I’m on my 140mg of TC per week (split into 70/70 SQ on Monday and Thursday) I also take Dutasteride 0.5mg per day and want to add HCG at 500mg twice a week. What do you recommend as far as AI dosage to cover my bases. I have Exemestane. I figure the combo above will raise my E2 levels...
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    I’ve been shut down and on TRT 10+ years. I desire to impregnate my wife. Is there any way to do this without coming off TRT. If I’m 6-8 months off from when I want to start trying, can I add in 500iu of HCG three times per week and take 25mg Clomid a day and he good by then?
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    I’ve been using RU58841 for a while now. If I stop cold turkey will my hair just fall out. Or at least the hair that I grew from taking it?
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    HPTA Restart and Gyno

    When I plan on discontinuing TRT and restarting my HPTA so I can get fertile. Do I need to take anything to combat gyno. I plan on 3000mg HCG three times a week with 20mg Clomid daily. I want to make sure I don’t get gyno doing this. Can anyone recommend what I should I do?
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    HPTA Restart while continuing Propecia

    Does anyone have any experience with doing an HPTA restart while staying on Propecia? I Plan on using HCG, CLOMID, Nolvadex, HMG and was wondering if anyone was successful at achieving fertility while not discontinuing Propecia. Please no comments about dropping the Propecia. I haven’t come this...
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    Propecia Question

    Can I still take Propecia while restarting my HPTA after years on TRT? I’ve never had these terrible issues people claim to have (PFS) etc. The only side effect I have is not losing my hair.
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    HCG Expiration Date

    If I keep my HCG (not constituted) will it last past the expiration date? Dry powder form, completely away from sunlight. I have a ton of it but it expires next August and I plan on using it in October. How less potent do you think it would be?
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    Johnny Test Intro

    First post! I’m 40 and on self prescribed TRT. I’m so glad I found this community. After years of researching everything, I’m happy to say that I knew every single thing covered in Nelson’s new book. That took years to acquire all that knowledge and I’ve probably read hundreds and hundreds of...