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    Thoughts on ipamorelin?

    I’ll try it out. Will report back here
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    Thoughts on ipamorelin?

    So, I wanted to do the ipamorelin cjc combo, but none of the pharmacies that Defy works with ships to California, so I had to get get one vials of Semorelin and Ipamorelin. I thought I would just stop all together after trying it but I'm seeing body definition my fat self has always wanted (I'm...
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    Peptide Ipamorelin CJC Where to Buy

    Thank you Dorian gray, I will definitely reach out to them and ask.
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    Peptide Ipamorelin CJC Where to Buy

    Im a patient at Defy but APS and Hallondale do not ship to CA (California). Anyone recommend a good place to get ipamoreline / cjc
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    CJC Ipamorelin alternating with Tesamorelin / Ipamorelin

    I will be starting soon, so I can share my experience.
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    Cost of Care With Defy Medical - It's Less Than You Think

    The cost is a little more than what was originally posted since it was a few years ago. But Defy has been saving me tons of money. I can’t be more than happy with Defy working with Mike L. I can’t stop saying how amazing he is along with the Defy staff. I was hesitant after doing some research...
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    advice on getting dialed in

    Just make an appointment with Defy. Defy is very eager to help. I just started with them and I work with Mike L. and I haven't been happier. The whole Defy team is amazing!