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    Switching from 2x to 3x weekly injections

    I had my lab consult with Defy today. My HCT is high, partly due to the fact I live at high altitude. Nurse Jill suggested I try injecting testosterone 3 times a week instead of 2 to see if that would help lower it. She also thought it might keep the E2 down to the point I wouldn't need an AI...
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    Cheapest Way to Order Labs?

    I am a Defy patient and have always ordered my labs through them. Would it be cheaper to continue ordering through them or to go through Discounted Labs (Lab Corp here for me)? My total cost for all the labs Defy wants is about $300. My wife is also a patient, so it adds up. Will Defy let you...
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    UPS, Hormone Creams and Freezing Weather

    For the 2nd time, UPS screwed up the delivery of a package from Empower containing my wifes' hormone creams and my Anastrozole. They said they left it at my house but actually left it at the neighbor's across the street. It was left outside overnight in freezing weather and snow. My neighbor...
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    Different Labs - Different Results?

    I'm a Defy patient and I've been using LabCorp for 3 years. My NP has ordered another PSA test through TriCore as my PSA went up. I'm considering using TriCore as my insurance will cover it. Do they use the same testing methods? Will they produce similar or different results? Thanks.
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    Prostate MRI Screening

    Is Prostate MRI Screening a viable alternative to ultrasound directed biopsies? I'm considering having this done as a screening much like a colonoscopy or mammogram. My PSA tends to be high and DRE's are normal. I just want some peace of mind. The latest Prostate MRI's are non-invasive and a...