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    Medicinal mushroom powders and extracts to strengthen the immune system SARS-CoV-2

    The scientific evidence that certain mushroom compounds can modulate the immune response is strong. The mode of action varies. They may help resist infection or reduce the severity of disease after infection. No studies have been done relevant to COVID19 of course but speculation that they...
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    66 y.o. long time trt Q: phlebotomy hematocrit b.p.

    Q: Last phlebotomy was July, not sure if 51.6% HCT indicates another. Blood pressure: very good until 3 years ago. now often 170 to 190 / 100 to 110. Started getting high diastolic about a six months ago. ME: 66 y.o. decades on trt, began on hCG mono then office injections 2x/month...