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    What is going on? I stopped my TRT.

    I do 50mg every five days and feel great.
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    Order your syringes now

    The ones I just got are made in China.
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    Cypionate could be in very short supply very soon

    Here is a very brief comment from one of the largest providers of Cypionate in the world. Industry in India, the world’s No. 1 producer, is already raising the alarm. Umang Vohra, a top boss at Indian pharma giant Cipla, told the Financial Times that most companies are on track to start...
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    Order your syringes now

    I just received enough syringes to last me a year. Why you ask? China is the major manufacturer of medical supplies. I use Easy Touch syringes and they are made in China and when I ordered mine I asked how long can supplies last without getting anymore for say three months. The answer was...
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    What is the Lowest Dose Protocol That You Find Works Long Term?

    My SHBG is 52. I do 50mg every five days of Cypionate. So far no problems that I know of. Will do labs this week.
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    Any one have daily morning wood with only Testosterone inj

    Yes I get strong morning wood. I am on just Cypionate and a low dose.
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    The perfect needle/syringe combination

    Taking the advise of many members on this forum I started using the 27 gauge 1/2" .5ml insulin syringe/needle combo. I think this is the perfect size with no pain no blood and the syringe quickly fills with Cypionate. It also injects very fast and I could not feel the needle in my thigh. I...
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    Why do we aim for such high troughs?

    I know the current most accurate calculator to use is the Tru T and I did use it. The Tru T calculated my free T at just over 3%. I have read that the Equilibrium Dialysis method is also suppose to be the most accurate. Using the Dialysis it shows 1% of free T. That is such a huge difference...
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    Why do we aim for such high troughs?

    I have high total T at the trough (841), but using the dialysis method my free T is only one percent (84) My E2 is a little above midrange, but my doctor thinks only about total T and never discusses free T. I told him I am more interested in free T, since total T is doing nothing for me. I...
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    CDG & DIM - what's the consensus these days?

    I used both for a short time, until I watched a You Tube video and did some more research and decided to stop using both. From what I learned is DIM increases estrogen and decreases testosterone. Same for CDG. I agree they are both a waste of money. I use stinging nettle root 3X a day and it...
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    When you have normal T levels

    I had my TT tested at age 66 years before I started on TRT. My results for TT were 841 at age 66. My doc says what time of day did I test? I said early morning due to having to fast for other tests. He said your testosterone is highest in the morning and lowest at night. He said testosterone...
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    FT using TruT vs Dialysis methods

    I have no idea which method is the most accurate. My doc only goes by TT and does not think FT is important. I keep mentioning I would like my FT higher, but he keeps telling me that my TT is too high. My natural TT when I was 66 (three years ago) was 841. Last year it crashed down to 321...
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    FT using TruT vs Dialysis methods

    I actually had both methods tested at the same time. I had the dialysis and the standard non dialysis done. The result are very close. the TT using LC/MS was 837 reference range 264-916 and the standard tests that LabCorp uses shows 896 reference range 264-916. Not much difference. The FT...
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    FT using TruT vs Dialysis methods

    I recently had by TT using the LC/MS-MS method and got 837ng/dl. I used the Dialysis method to test for FT and got 8.4ng/dl. Normal range for TT is 264-916ng/dl. Normal range for FT is 5.2-28.0ng/dl. This equates to 1.5-3.2%. My FT is only at 1% using this method. When I use the TruT...
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    What is the Lowest Dose Protocol That You Find Works Long Term?

    I am doing 40mg every five days of Cypionate. Feel great no side effects.
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    Worst case of trying out TRT for 6 months?

    The doctor you are going to see if ripping you off charging you $300 a visit. I agree with others have said you do not start using AI until you have your labs back and see what your E2 and other hormones levels are at. Also you should start very low on doses. I started at .25ml/.50mg every...
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    Are All Endocrinologists Idiots?

    I agree my doctor does not care to read or study and learn. He follows guidelines that are years out of date. He too treats me on my labs not on how I feel. I treat me to how I feel. He thinks I should have TT around 500, but my natural TT taken years ago is closer to 900. I am starting to...
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    Why do some people require high testosterone levels to feel good on trt?

    Depends on many factors. I had my TT tested when I was 60 years old. It was 1048. I did not have my FT tested at that time. When I was 66 I tested TT again and it was 848. I did not test for FT. When I was 68 I felt so tired and was losing my libido and had both TT and FT tested. TT was...
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    What is the Lowest Dose Protocol That You Find Works Long Term?

    I am on a very low dose of Cypionate. 40mg every five days. I respond to low doses very well. My last labs taken seven days ago from Quest have TT at 844ng/dl and FT at 9.47 ng/dl and estradiol at 10 using the ultra sensitive test. I feel good. Using the TruT my FT is 28.04ng/dl. Perhaps...
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    average weekly T dosage on this forum

    I did blood on day five at 8 am before I did my shot. This is at the lowest level for T before I did another shot. I respond very well to low doses. I feel good at this dose and a five day cycle.
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    average weekly T dosage on this forum

    .20ml or 40mg cypionate every 5 days. Last labs 4 weeks ago had total T at 1078ng/dl free T 12.7pg/ml and estradiol ultra sensitive test 32pg/ml. This is with LabCorp results/ranges.
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    Declining free T levels

    Before I started on TRT eight months ago. My free T was 5.1 range is (6.6-18.1 pg/ml) with total T at 462 ng/dl range (264-916) these are LabCorp ranges. After starting on .25ml of Cypionate 200mg/ml every seven days. I saw my total and free T jump way up. LabCorp Free T was 10.5 pg/ml...
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    Cypionate recall

    The brand is Cipla manufactured in Vema Goa, India. The FDA issued the recall and your pharmacy should notify you if you have any of the lot numbers that were recalled.
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    Cypionate recall

    I tried to refill my prescription today and was told that the manufacture has a recall for 780,000 vials of 200mg/ml Cypionate. I had my doctor call in another script to a different pharmacy, which carried a different manufacturer. I was told that it will take until mid June to get any...