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    Testosterone Effects on Mood

    I’m having trouble understanding something. I’ve read on here that it takes weeks to really see a difference when adjusting dose and also that it takes some length of time for testosterone deficiency induced depression to lift. But, when talking about injections every 2 weeks, apparently it’s...
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    Shallow IM Injection

    In my previous thread I asked about using slin pins, but didn’t necessarily say it was for shallow IM instead of sub-q. I’m just making sure that it will actually do something, correct? Is there a difference between injection 1 inch into muscle, than a half inch into muscle, versus just a...
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    Considering Pregnenolone

    I’m back to considering pregnenolone since my levels are way below bottom of the range and maybe that’s the source of my sleep issues. I already have low normal cortisol levels, and so my concern is if I respond poorly, could it shutdown natural production of cortisol enough to cause real...
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    Insulin Syringe Help

    I’m tired of losing so much testosterone with my twice per week shots in the tip of the 23g needle. It’s like a quarter ml or something, so by the time I’m supposed to run out of test, if I was using the dose I’m prescribed, I’d run out way too fast. So anyway, when you draw with a slin pin, do...
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    Another Idea For HCT/E2

    So far we’ve only looked at splitting the dose equally vs taking the full dose at 1 shot...but what if we split 100mg, for example into 60/40mg or 70/30mg? Could that provide a little more e2 but still stable enough total T levels without an increase in Hematocrit? Anyone have any thoughts...
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    MP76-05 TWICE PER WEEK DOSING OF INTRAMUSCULAR TESTOSTERONE (T) IS ASSOCIATED WITH GREATER RISK OF ERYTHROCYTOSIS I wish they had tried 50 mg twice per week instead of 80-150 mg twice per week. INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES With an increasing awareness for mens health, marketing for...
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    Interesting Low e2 Fix

    For those who don’t know my history, I have a consistent lowish estrogen problem because I can’t raise my testosterone dose high enough to aromatize enough e2, due to erythrocytosis. Using 60mg twice per week right now and that has my Hemoglobin at 17 and hematocrit at 50.9 so far. Going to...
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    Twice/Week to EOD

    I’m at 50mg twice per week and curious to see how EOD injections would effect hematocrit and TT/free T. What would be an equal switch? Would 30mg EOD be appropriate or less?
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    TRT, Maca and Hematocrit/Hemoglobin

    Looks like Maca can reduce hemoglobin and hematocrit when elevated. Any chance it’ll reduce elevated levels in TRT induced erythrocytosis? “Ovariectomized rats showed significant (P<0.05) increase in red blood cells (RBC) count with administration of Maca-GO (Tables (Tables3a3a and and3b),3b)...
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    Hypothetical Dosage Question

    I’ve read just a couple reports of guys having better success with once a week shots vs twice a week shots. I’m on 50mg twice per week now, and my total test is 550 or so (any higher and my hematocrit skyrockets), free T is 19, but sensitive e2 is 17. I feel pretty good, but I wonder if I’d do...
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    Testosterone Dosage Change Effects

    Basic question, how long from changing from let’s say 120mg testosterone per week to 100mg testosterone per week would you notice the effects, such as lowered libido, and more importantly, when would you see the resulting drop in hematocrit?
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    Newest Labs, not great, but not bad...

    Here’s the newest labs. This is on 50mg test cyp twice a week and 125mcg Synthroid. I had donated blood 1 month before the draw. I’ve just started telmisartan at 40mg per day for blood pressure, and hopefully hematocrit. The last time I was on it my HCT dropped to 47, so we’ll see. If that...
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    Does anyone take multivitamins? If so, what do you take? I’ve been experimenting with different ones this past year and they’ve really made a difference in how I feel (good and bad), but I still haven’t found the right one. I’ve experimented with ones that used active methylfolate...
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    When to Donate

    I've been struggling to get my H/H stabilized for 2 years now. I'm using 100mg test cyp per week split into 2 injections. This keeps my trough around 550. I last donated blood when my hemoglobin was 17.6. 6 weeks after that, my hemoglobin was 17.2 and hematocrit was 50. 2 weeks after that...
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    Blood Pressure Meds

    I was prescribed Losartan at 50mg last year for about 6 months but stopped when my BP was 120’s over 70’s, which it stayed at for a few weeks even off the meds, but now that I’ve crashed my e2 again, my BP has climbed back up ranging from 130-160 over 80-90 depending on time of day and anxiety...
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    Zinc crashed E2

    Just got my e2 sensitive back at 11.5! Looking back at all my symptoms, it makes total sense. But, zinc is really the only thing that changed, in the form of ZMA (30mg zinc nightly). Before adding the zinc, my e2 sensitive was 26. Does anyone know zinc’s half life? I can only find on the...
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    DHEA and HCT/Hemoglobin

    Does anyone know if DHEA supplementation effects H/H? The few times I’ve tried using it my h/h were the highest they’ve ever been for me, but there were definitely other factors that could’ve been at play as well. Thanks in advance.
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    Newest Labs

    All these labs look pretty good I think. I'm pretty sure the excess epinephrine is from too much p5p (b6) which hopefully after it's out of my system, the insomnia resolves and my morning wood comes back. what I don't understand is the corners of my mouth keep cracking and won't heal even...
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    Shortness of Breath...E2?

    Ever since I stopped all supplements about 5 weeks ago, 1 week into it, I developed laryngopharyngeal reflux symptoms, dizziness, shortness of breath, night sweats, lower body muscle cramps and terrible insomnia. I wore a heart monitor for a month through this and had EKG’s, had a chest X-ray...
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    Apigenin: Estrogen Blocker?

    “It was shown that high doses of apigenin (50 μM) do not display estrogen-like activity and can suppress ER activation by 17β-estradiol.” For those that haven’t seen all my posts regarding issues in my TRT, I’ve been experiencing low...
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    New Iron Labs

    Here's my newest iron lab results. Could this be why I still have periodic increased heart rate and flutters, breathlessness, fatigue, cold hands and dry skin? My ferritin is up which I've read can be from correct thyroid treatment or inflammation (horrible diet this past week compared to...
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    DHEA Levels and Effects of Supplementation

    As you can see, my DHEA levels are abysmal and they always have been. I’ve tried to add it in before but at too high of a dose (25mg and 50mg) and had side effects. Now I’m trying to add it back in even at 10mg micronized and have the same side effects. All of my senses are on overdrive...
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    Estradiol Issues

    I've been on TRT for about a year and a half, and still can't get my E2 right. I've gone as low as .25mg per week of anastrozole which still takes my E2 too low, but if I don't take it at all I get high e2 sides within 2 weeks. I'm very sensitive to anastrozole apparently. Would switching to a...
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    Switching From Synthroid to Naturethroid

    I've been on synthroid 125mcg for several years now, and after talking to a nurse practitioner recently realized I'm still having hypothyroid symptoms. So I've been prescribed 1.25 grains nature throid and broke it in half today. It's strong! My brain fog already feels better (not gone...
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    Dizziness and other symptoms

    I've had an up and down experience trying to dial in my numbers on my TRT and adex dosage and have crashed my E2 down to 7pg/nL a couple times and I'm pretty sure I know what that feels like. This time I've crashed it even further or I'm experiencing something new. For reference my test dose...