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    HCG & Gyno / High E2

    Sounds like you guys are both tried and true converts to more frequent injections. Pretty big noticeable difference for you? I've toyed with EOD but haven't committed to it for a long period of time - my SHBG is usually around 22-23.
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    Lowering Test Dosage

    In my experience, any protocol change throws things out of whack for several weeks. Seems like weeks 2-4 are always the hardest. That may be all that you're feeling. That's the hardest thing about making protocol changes - even though we KNOW that it takes at least 45 days or so for things to...
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    First round labs in

    To be fair to Defy, in my case at least I'm happy that they aren't sticklers about the range. I don't feel like I get much benefit from TRT until I'm at or above the top of the range. After realizing that, I asked my doc if he would be open to a slight dosage increase, just to see how I felt...
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    Moving to 3 days per week

    I would say that lowering your overall weekly dose when moving to more frequent injections should not be considered an absolute rule. Maybe for higher SHBG guys it could be, but not for lower SHBG guys.
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    Daily Injections - Preloading?

    Thanks. How long have you been injecting daily and preloading for the week?
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    Daily Injections - Preloading?

    For those of you that inject daily: do you preload your syringes? If so, how far out do you preload - a few days worth? A weeks worth?
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    SUBQ dr crisler method

    Funny asking as I've been doing SubQ injections for a while now, always pinching a little fat and injecting into it. My assumption was that doing so would somehow keep the needle further away from any underlying tissue, etc and keep the injection in subcutaneous fat. Is this unnecessary? Would...
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    Question about supraphysiological dosages of testosterone

    Overall I agree with your sentiments, and I also run levels that are above lab ranges and am good with it. But man, if we're talking a long-term protocol, a 100mg increase in dosage at least with how I respond, would very likely have a significant impact on my health. My HCT and BP would be sky...
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    ED vs EOD - Any difference?

    Sounds like aside from the skin issues, you felt better on ED?
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    Sleep Issues with Protocol Change?

    I wouldn't sweat it at this point - way too soon. Ride it out and see how you feel/get labs after 7 or more weeks. It's super easy to second guess things during protocol changes precisely because things are out of whack. Whenever you make a protocol change, be aware of this tendency and force...
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    ED vs EOD - Any difference?

    For those of you who have tried both EOD and ED injections, was there any significant difference, either in how you felt or in your lab results? I ask because it appears that assuming the same weekly dose, average levels on ED and EOD would be exactly the same (using cypionate).
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    Using same location over and over?

    6 spots sounds like a lot. I go back and forth between two spots - same spot, different sides of body. I try to go in slightly different places at those spots (maybe a 1/4" away from previous injection) every other time, but I don't sweat it too much. On that note, you might consider switching...
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    Sleep Issues with Protocol Change?

    I'll double down and say that I've experienced all of those things with both protocol changes and when my dose is too high. Around the 3rd week after a protocol change seems to be the worst of it for me at least. Focusing just on T, what was your cream protocol and what is your new injection...
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    Needle Length - Is 5/16" Long Enough?

    For more than a year now I've been using 28g 1/2" needles. Recently, I've been using 30g 1/2" needles and like the smaller gauge, mainly because I rarely get any leakage of oil from the injection site when using them. Lately, I've thought about going to 30g 5/16" needles. I inject SubQ in the...
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    Peyronie's disease (bent penis) and testosterone deficiency: Is there a link?

    There was definitely a link for me - in fact, PD was my main reason for going on TRT. After having my world shattered after speaking to several docs who told me there basically was no cure and that in extreme cases surgery is a high-risk option and injections can have had mixed results, I read...
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    low dose test is working

    How are you liking daily injections? How is the PITA factor - not too bad?
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    E3.5D vs EOD - Lab Results - UPDATED

    So at the risk of having to eat crow, which of course I'm fine with, I found something interesting in an old lab result which might show that at least for me, more frequent injections were useful for lowering E2. I have a lab result from when I was on 56mg E3.5D (112mg/week) and noticed that my...
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    Hematocrit, TRT --> systemic vascular resistance response

    Interesting - thanks for sharing. What is your SHBG?
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    Hematocrit, TRT --> systemic vascular resistance response

    Are you saying you made a significant reduction in dosage and saw your HCT increase? If so, how much of a dosage decrease and how long were you on this reduced dose protocol before you retested HCT?
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    Question for guys on trt long term

    Without giving it a ton of thought and based purely on anecdotes: Guys who do well tend to be: -Older guys (50+) who likely have no real hormonal issues other than age-related decline -Guys who start TRT for a specific reason - i.e. libido, etc. They are able to focus on that one issue til they...