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  1. JohnTaylorHK

    What are the symptoms of hyperlipidemia?

    Over the last few months I have been getting symptoms similar to a hangover: Dehydration (feeling thirsty all the time, especially on waking up in the morning), Tinnitus, increasing myopia, mild (background) headaches, some dizziness and short-term memory loss. The tinnitus I have had for...
  2. JohnTaylorHK

    Anxiety and anger on TRT

    TRT is available in most asian countries, i havent been to any where it is not. If you exclude external stressors, them you are left with "roid rage", a phenomenon which includes bipolar mental states, anger and depression. If reducing your dosage doesn't work, you need a different androgen. If...
  3. JohnTaylorHK

    MMR vaccine may protect from COVID-19 complications

    It's interesting to note that last year (Feb 2019), in the Philippines, there was a large cluster of measles cases "The outbreak is attributed to lowered vaccination rates, from a high of 88% 10 to 15 years previous to 74% at the time of the outbreak, allegedly caused by the Dengvaxia...
  4. JohnTaylorHK

    MMR vaccine may protect from COVID-19 complications

    I suspect the correlation is largely due to socio-economic issues. Vaccine uptake in disadvantaged communities will correlate with inability to social distance oneself etc, all for economic reasons.
  5. JohnTaylorHK

    Cardiovascular Disease and Reducing Saturated Fat

    I agree with what you say. Even foods listed as containing bad fats are actually those rich in simple carbohydrates. I don't like to think of myself as a "carbophobe", I enjoy many different types of carbs up to the limit which I have imposed on myself which gives me the best perceived level of...
  6. JohnTaylorHK

    Cardiovascular Disease and Reducing Saturated Fat

    Wholeheartedly agree. I would like to add that there is a wide range in what is considered to be a low-carb diet. In my experiments, I have tried levels between zero and 80 grams carb (I'm 128lbs, 12% body fat). I found 80gms or less to have the most beneficial effect on well being and energy...
  7. JohnTaylorHK

    Plant Based Diet and Testosterone Levels

    IMVHO, and having tried just about every diet that has ever existed over the last 10 years, the problem is that there are very few rules to follow for good nutrition (good news), but very few food scientists/nutritionists agree on what they are. Pre-1977 (1983 in UK), the general advice was to...
  8. JohnTaylorHK

    boron for SHBG

    OK, I estimate I'm getting 10mg per day, a value I chose since upper limit is supposed to be 20mg/day (NHANES III). I have had a marked decrease in aches and pains since starting this, so I guess I'll continue. Namaste.
  9. JohnTaylorHK

    boron for SHBG

    Hi Vince, where do you guys get boron supplement levels from? Very interested in this as I make my own and don't want to over/under supplement. Namaste.
  10. JohnTaylorHK

    Insomnia help. I have been on TRT for 15 days and can barely sleep.

    Yet here I am. Whilst everyone else is bitching and moaning and not using their brain, I am finding out what's right for me, what has worked for a long while for me, and offering that info for free. Namaste.
  11. JohnTaylorHK

    No Gym: Quarantine check in and learnings.

    I only go to the gym for sparring, which I miss. My daily routine consists of isometrics and calisthenics, neither of which need any equipment/gym. Lockdown has increased my resolve and therefore intensity. I have experienced some improvements in this short time. Namaste.
  12. JohnTaylorHK

    Insomnia help. I have been on TRT for 15 days and can barely sleep.

    I had this also, and for me it was pretty hard to diagnose. I take 3mg melatonin every evening around 7PM, and it helps. What I found was that this is a hormonal thing (duh!) and that regular meal-times, regular sleeping times, moderate exercise, no alcohol (easy for me as I am teetotal) was the...
  13. JohnTaylorHK

    Keto vs. Plant Based Diet

    That's rather like saying "cowpox vaccine should not be used for smallpox" or "remdesvir should not be used for covid-19". A diet found to prove that a major macronutrient is totally unnecessary for human health surely may have other therapeutic benefits also? BTW, keto is also used for chemo...
  14. JohnTaylorHK

    Keto vs. Plant Based Diet

    Agree about plant-based diets, I couldn't manage it. I did, however, find great success with a ketogenic diet, and still follow (just) today, after 3 years. For detractors, a "fad diet" is where you follow a regime because it's fashionable, rather like someone who buys a BMW to show his...
  15. JohnTaylorHK

    Why the Coronavirus Seems to Hit Men Harder Than Women...Estrogen Levels?

    I think testicles get us into a whole heap of trouble...
  16. JohnTaylorHK

    Daily Step Count and Step Intensity With Mortality Among US Adults

    As a general rule, I could be described as a lazy SOB. My morning calisthenics and isometrics take less than an hour for a full body workout. If you add 4 minutes of Tabata jumping rope my cardio is also nicely taken care of. These days, especially under extended community quarantine, I walk...
  17. JohnTaylorHK

    Anabolics/hormones for nocturnal leg cramps?

    It seems you have already tried magnesium, though I would say that there is a lot of variation in both the chemical formulation, bio-availability and personal reaction. I use Magnesium Citrate, and find it works OK. About a year ago I had very bad cramping at night, and was often unable to walk...
  18. JohnTaylorHK


    So I will start 3g (1 tsp?) per day from start of next month, thanks...
  19. JohnTaylorHK


    I tried this many years ago, but I didn't feel any advantage then. Now I am wondering if this will give me any benefit. I am 125lbs almost constantly, and pretty shredded. Any recommendations for dosage if I were to retry it?
  20. JohnTaylorHK

    How normal people get their protein macro?

    For longevity, short-burst HIIT and calisthenics (isometric flexion/holds) are optimal IMVHO. The exercise doesn't burn calories, you will burn more fat lying on the couch. The post-workout afterburn is where it's at, and the above regimen is optimal for that, taking much less time and minimal...
  21. JohnTaylorHK

    How normal people get their protein macro?

    I have read lots of research on the subject of "How much Protein is right for me?". Most of the technical analysis comes back round to the 1g per lb of body weight, although I think this is well over what is required for the non-athlete. The RDA of 0.8g/Kg bodyweight (0.36g/lb) was intended to...
  22. JohnTaylorHK

    No muscles soreness after working out ?

    If you jump rope, run, cycle or swim on your non-training days, you shouldn't get sore. Since I don't lift weights any longer, my tri-weekly cardio sessions make me feel very stiff (especially my back) on my off days. Jumping rope for a couple of minutes cures that. Soreness is a sign of injury...
  23. JohnTaylorHK

    Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Branch Chain Amino Acids

    Hi Nelson. No, I haven't. Lustig was pretty unclear in the presentation as to whether the fact that BCAAs can only be processed in the liver actually caused NAFLD or not. My experiment would have only been for as long as the supplement lasted anyways. In the end, I decided to try a Lecithin-only...
  24. JohnTaylorHK

    Low-carb/low calorie diet Vs. low calorie dense, low fat foods?

    I lost 27lbs on a ketogenc diet. Keto is NOT a calorie restricted diet, there is no need to restrict calories. If I cook beef, I always pour the rendered fat back over the meat, often adding butter/olive oil if it seems a bit dry. Initially, you will lose water weight with the glycogen. Once you...
  25. JohnTaylorHK

    Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Branch Chain Amino Acids

    I was going to find if there was any effect on my muscle mass or body composition. I'm about 12% body fat, was hoping to find a small decrease in that without losing strength. Originally I had read that there was some gain to be had in taking BCAAs before sleeping, due to the pulsatile nature of...
  26. JohnTaylorHK

    Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Branch Chain Amino Acids

    Greetings All. I was watching some of Robert Lustig's presentations on Metabolic Syndrome and came across a reference to BCAAs and NAFLD. He more or less stated that "irregular" consumption of BCAAs could lead to metabolic syndrome, giving their consumption as one of a few dietary contributions...
  27. JohnTaylorHK

    56% increase is testosterone using a testosterone booster: Say What?

    Interestingly (at least to me) this looks like ZMA, (Zinc + Magnesium Aspartate) which I believe was patented at one time, with a few other things (notably Boron, though the exact chemical used is not stated, its probably decaborate which is cheap as chips). Now I tried ZMA at one point, and...
  28. JohnTaylorHK

    Working out on trt vs no trt

    Vince, you inject 50mg every day (EOD= End Of Day?)? Your butt must be like a pin-cushion ... :)
  29. JohnTaylorHK

    TRT and working out. Benefits start at what point if any?

    Hi Westin, I would definitely recommend a solid gym program, gentle at first to avoid injury and increase your confidence. First-time gymmers that stay the course often have good gains and better gains than someone who "used to work out". TRT is mooted to give you better endurance and recovery...
  30. JohnTaylorHK

    CalMagZinc supplements anyone?

    Try melatonin to regulate your sleeping patterns. Namaste.
  31. JohnTaylorHK

    Drinking too much water, IV infusion and chronic fatigue

    Blackhawk, I wish you a full and speedy recovery. I also found more water (at 125lbs 3 litres is plenty for me) advantageous. Supplemental potassium didn't appear to have any benefit. I tend to dehydrate a lot if I am sparring, and take extra salt as it is mainly sodium that is excreted when...