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    Constipation causing Prostate issues ?

    I think i may have read this. Can being constipated cause prostate infammation? I always wondered if no bowel movement could cause a prostate issue.
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    Feeling normal- i have been off T for 2 years

    I have been off T for a little over 2 years. I am not taking any clomid or anything. It took almost 2 years for me to really recover. Yes, thats how long it took. I can now have sex and get an erection anytime with no issues. My mood is much better and consistent. My energy level is good but not...
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    High Creatinine number

    My creatinine level was high ( 1.38 ) I think the range is .09 - 1.30 Six months ago it was only 1.12. All my other kidney number were fine. My CK number was good. My doc didnt even blink when i mentioned the high creatine. He is a cardiologist. He didnt seem concerned. Of course i now am.. I...
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    Anyone taking Statins ( Crestor )

    Any of you guys have LDL issues and need to take a statin such as crestor? Any side effects? How long have you been on?
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    Very important blood test- particle number and size

    Guys Although we all need to get LDL cholesterol checked, the more important number is particle size and particle number. You can have good LDL numbers but if the particle number is high and the particles are small, you are at very high risk of a cardio vascular event. Get those numbers checked.
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    When you have normal T levels

    I just wanted to ask you guys something. You guys mean to tell me if any of you were a reputable endocrinologist or urologist and a patient in his 40’s or 50’s came in to see you complaining of low libido, energy, ect and you had his Testosterone levels: the tests showed his “natural total T”...
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    Great article on TRT with finasteride

    Injected TRT earns high marks for safety, effectiveness Says injections are safer than a patch.. why??? This article may surprise you... Hint, its about dht.
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    Enlarged Prostate and DHT levels

    Hey guys, i thought i saw a thread that said your prostate wont grow any larger whether you have a dht level of 150 or only 50. Is this correct ???? I guess you need to have very low dht levels in order to shrink it or prevent further growth. I think reference range is 35-79..
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    New therapy for Enlarged Prostate

    Its called “ Rezum “. It evaaporates excess prostate tissue using Steam. Its a very quick procedure that can be done right in the doctors office. No issues with incontinence, no erection issues, no ejaculaion issues. Another procedure called Uro Lift also has no side effects. They say the...
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    For those that do not benefit from TRT alone: Is growth hormone an option?

    Just read an article about a guy who was a bit low in testosterone. Thyroid was fine and was in ok shape but had low T. Doc prescribed T injections which helped libido but still had low energy despite his T levels now being 785 opposed to his natural level of 326. His free T was also in a good...
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    Men who have good natural T levels.—-

    Very healthy men with good T levels who excercise experience the same fluctuations in mood and libido as most men on T injections/ replacement. I feel far too many men “ overly adjust dosages” in order to find that perfect level. There really isnt one. The key is to find a dosage that keeps you...
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    Feeling anxious, depressed, and NO Confidence

    I have been off TRT for 18 months and about to get some blood work done. I decided to see if i can recover naturally. That said, for the past 6 weeks i have been feeling somewhat anxious, depressed, and i have zero confidence. These are all signs of low T and i will soon find out as a result of...
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    Low Testosterone saving a marriage ???

    Just thinking out loud. Im wondering if low T can actually be good for a marriage. I am not advocating not working out and dieting, quite the contrary. However, low T makes me more calm and also lowers my libido big time. I have a theory which probably pertains to no one but here it is anyway...
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    Doctor gave great TRT advice

    I recommended my doc to my buddy who has low T. He has been on for over 9 months using injections. His total T is now 810 and his estradiol is 28 and free T is a healthy level as well. He keeps telling me some days he feels great and other days not so great. I reply, “ ok, so does the rest of...
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    Opinion on thyroid results

    Hi guys.. any opinion. Free T4 - 1.12 ( .82 - 1.77 ) Tsh - 2.34 ( .45 - 4.50 ) T4 - 7.2 ( 4.5 - 12.0 ) T3 - 115 ( 71 - 180 )
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    Estrogen and dht ?

    Any of you have a concrete answer as to how dht blocks estrogen? Also how blocking dht raises estrogen?
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    Using nandrolone with Testosterone for less side effects

    I read something rather interesting where the report implied that using small amounts of nandrolone in conjunction with T can minimize side effects such as hair loss and prostate enlargement. Nandrolone converts to DHN, not DHT. DHN has a very weak affinity to the AR and is much less androgenic...
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    Flomax giving me good erections

    I need to ask my urologist but since taking flomax is am getting nice morning erections. If i dont take it, erections are weaker or dont happen in the morning so its definitely the flomax. I find this to be a rather welcome side effect. Anyone else experience this? Fyi, flomax doesnt really...
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    Does anyone else experience this issue after ejaculating ?

    Not to sound graphic but do any of you experience irritation after ejaculation? I guess its in my crotch area ( perinium). For a day or two i have an feeling of irritation and i have a sensation to urinate.
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    I have been off Testosterone for a year !

    Its been a year and a week since my last shot of T, i was doing 90 mgs per week. I felt good on T, no doubt but was tired of using a drug and then constantly worrying about side effects. I was doing mild steroid cyles for about 14 years and my T levels never seemed to come back so i started...
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    PAE Surgery for Prostate ( anyone here of it ? )

    This deprives blood flow to the prostate and shrinks it by almost 50%. No sexual side effects at all. This seems like a great therapy. Prostatic artery embolization (PAE, or prostate artery embolisation) is a developing non-surgical technique for treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy...
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    Low dose Finasteride

    I would not be surprised if testing with very low dose finasteride is being conducted for dht related side effects. Perhaps .25 and .5mg dosages opposed to 1mg amd 5 mg. Finstasteride side effects do seem to be dose dependant ( to an extent ). Low dose Finasteride could very well become an...
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    Vascepa, prescription fish oil...

    I may have posted this but currently there are 3 different brands of prescription fish oil. However, Vascepa is the only one that only contains EPA fatty acid and not DHA. The DHA in fish oil is whats responsible for an increase in LDL. They just completed a ground breaking study on over 8,000...
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    Testosterone(DHT) and Prostate Enlargement

    Many men suffer from BPH, prostate enlargement. As we get older, our prostates grow and it starts to squeeze the urethra which is the tube that carries urine from the bladder through the penis. When this constriction happens, our urine stream gets weak, it takes longer to urinate, and we...
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    Rapaflo/Silodisin for BPH?

    Anyone here have any experience with Rapaflo for BPh ? Thank you