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    Can anyone recommend a TRT clinic?

    I have just started my trt journey on January 18th and the provider I was using is closing. I am very upset being that I feel great and now I have to start the process all over. Can anyone recommend a clinic and how much do you pay monthly?
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    8 Weeks in and here are my results, opinions greatly appreciated.

    I am on a total of 160mg of test a week split into 2 daily doses of 80mg. One day a week I also do 250 IU of HCG. I don't take any AI. Here are my results after 8 weeks of this protocol. Total Testosterone is 794. Reference range is 264-916 Free Testosterone is 15.1 Reference range is...
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    How common and how many times have you had to donate blood due to TRT?

    I am a newbie at TRT. I am still in the process of getting dialed in and have my first blood test in a few weeks. Everything so far has been going well on TRT. My biggest concern is blood getting too thick and having to donate. I am on some facebook groups were TRT users are donating every 2-6...
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    How do you determine your HCG protocol?

    I started TRT January 8 and Right now I am on 250 IU every week. Slight to no testicle shrinkage. When I take HCG with my test I feel like I had 5 cups of coffee. How do you determine protocol?
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    4 weeks into TRT and I feel great. Will this feeling last forever?

    I am 4 weeks into TRT and I feel great. Pumps at gym are better, mood and confidence have improved and libido is through the roof. My protocol is 160mg of test split into twice a week, 250IU of HCG once a week and no AI. I have not had any bloodwork done yet but I feel great, it is almost too...
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    Nipple sensitivity

    I am on my fourth week of TRT. My dosage is 160mg's a week split into two doses every 3.5 days. I am also using 250IU of HCG and inject the HCG once a week only. I don't use an AI. Should I lower my dose? Should I stick it out for the next 3-4 weeks till I get my blood checked. The sensitivity...
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    At what age did you start testosterone and what was your total testosterone?

    I started recently at the age of 42 and my testosterone level was at 420. 6 months prior to this it was at 437 and 5 years prior it was at 473. I figured I am half dead and why not give it a shot.
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    How many days a week do you inject testosterone poll

    I thought it would be interesting to start a poll How many days a week do you inject testosterone? It seems the majority inject twice a week.
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    In the process of starting TRT. What should I start with?

    42 years old Total T is 420 Free T is 9.7 SHGB is 48.9 on a 16-55 scale. Should I start with HCG? Should I pin 1 or 2 times a week. How much of a dose should I take? Should I take an AI? I would like to make getting dialed in as simple as possible. Nervous and excited about starting TRT...