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    What is going on? I stopped my TRT.

    I do 50mg every five days and feel great.
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    Order your syringes now

    The ones I just got are made in China.
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    Cypionate could be in very short supply very soon

    Here is a very brief comment from one of the largest providers of Cypionate in the world. Industry in India, the world’s No. 1 producer, is already raising the alarm. Umang Vohra, a top boss at Indian pharma giant Cipla, told the Financial Times that most companies are on track to start...
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    Order your syringes now

    I just received enough syringes to last me a year. Why you ask? China is the major manufacturer of medical supplies. I use Easy Touch syringes and they are made in China and when I ordered mine I asked how long can supplies last without getting anymore for say three months. The answer was...
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    What is the Lowest Dose Protocol That You Find Works Long Term?

    My SHBG is 52. I do 50mg every five days of Cypionate. So far no problems that I know of. Will do labs this week.
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    Any one have daily morning wood with only Testosterone inj

    Yes I get strong morning wood. I am on just Cypionate and a low dose.
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    The perfect needle/syringe combination

    Taking the advise of many members on this forum I started using the 27 gauge 1/2" .5ml insulin syringe/needle combo. I think this is the perfect size with no pain no blood and the syringe quickly fills with Cypionate. It also injects very fast and I could not feel the needle in my thigh. I...
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    Why do we aim for such high troughs?

    I know the current most accurate calculator to use is the Tru T and I did use it. The Tru T calculated my free T at just over 3%. I have read that the Equilibrium Dialysis method is also suppose to be the most accurate. Using the Dialysis it shows 1% of free T. That is such a huge difference...
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    Why do we aim for such high troughs?

    I have high total T at the trough (841), but using the dialysis method my free T is only one percent (84) My E2 is a little above midrange, but my doctor thinks only about total T and never discusses free T. I told him I am more interested in free T, since total T is doing nothing for me. I...
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    CDG & DIM - what's the consensus these days?

    I used both for a short time, until I watched a You Tube video and did some more research and decided to stop using both. From what I learned is DIM increases estrogen and decreases testosterone. Same for CDG. I agree they are both a waste of money. I use stinging nettle root 3X a day and it...
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    When you have normal T levels

    I had my TT tested at age 66 years before I started on TRT. My results for TT were 841 at age 66. My doc says what time of day did I test? I said early morning due to having to fast for other tests. He said your testosterone is highest in the morning and lowest at night. He said testosterone...
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    FT using TruT vs Dialysis methods

    I have no idea which method is the most accurate. My doc only goes by TT and does not think FT is important. I keep mentioning I would like my FT higher, but he keeps telling me that my TT is too high. My natural TT when I was 66 (three years ago) was 841. Last year it crashed down to 321...
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    FT using TruT vs Dialysis methods

    I actually had both methods tested at the same time. I had the dialysis and the standard non dialysis done. The result are very close. the TT using LC/MS was 837 reference range 264-916 and the standard tests that LabCorp uses shows 896 reference range 264-916. Not much difference. The FT...
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    FT using TruT vs Dialysis methods

    I recently had by TT using the LC/MS-MS method and got 837ng/dl. I used the Dialysis method to test for FT and got 8.4ng/dl. Normal range for TT is 264-916ng/dl. Normal range for FT is 5.2-28.0ng/dl. This equates to 1.5-3.2%. My FT is only at 1% using this method. When I use the TruT...