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    Doctor just put me on dutasteride for BPH

    I have been on flomax for 3 years, i get zero side effects. I believe it also has a slight “ viagara type effect”. i always thought rezume was a painless procedure? Does Rezume actually remove tissue? does rezume have any side effects? with urolift, i worry the clips fall out? That possible?
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    Doctor just put me on dutasteride for BPH

    UroPa What is your opinion on Rezum and also Urolift? Does the urine flow increase dramatically?
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    Doctor just put me on dutasteride for BPH

    I know men who have been on finasteride or dutasteride for years and have no issues at all. Decreased ejaculatory volume , to me, isnt a reason to go off. Dutasteride can shrink the prostate, thats why your doc put you on it. It will prevent your prostate from growing. It will also prevent hair...
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    Going from cialis 5mg daily to 2.5

    It says absolutely nothing about cialis increasing estrogen.
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    Urgent* PSA Higher After coming off TRT!

    Ive had prostate inflammation issues for 8 years. Drinking wine makes it much worse, i start peeing every 45 minutes amd wake up 3 times per night. My psa is always .06 though. Once it went to .07 but thats not really a difference.
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    Going from cialis 5mg daily to 2.5

    I dont know how in the world cialis would effect estrogen. I have never seen or heard that. I dont know how thats even a possibility.
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    How do athletes microdose without suppressing natural T?

    Spraying something up my nose concerns me about potential damage in the nasal cavity. Is this a legit concern?
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    Avoiding Sexual Dysfunction in BPH Surgery

    Brooklyn Jerry How is your urine stream? Is it much stronger?
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    Avoiding Sexual Dysfunction in BPH Surgery

    I heard great things about Rezum. My friend had green light laser and is very happy with results. He does get retrograde ejaculation but is now used to it. He says its MUCH better than not being able to fully empty his bladder. His brother is getting Uro Lift which is a newer procedure and...
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    Thyroid,Bun,ast/alt feedback

    Do you have any hair loss? Age? Some others my chime in on your Thyroid. Am i mistaken or do you have thyroid antibodies?
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    Seriously confused

    What type of testosterone? Dosage?
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    Constipation causing Prostate issues ?

    I think i may have read this. Can being constipated cause prostate infammation? I always wondered if no bowel movement could cause a prostate issue.
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    Using Enclomiphene to keep GnRH levels

    How are you guys getting Enclomiphene? I thought the fda didnt approve it.?
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    What Every Man Should Know About Prostatitis

    I have prostatitis but never any infection. My always feels irritated and i urinate often. My left testicle has been swollen for 9 years and doc told me it was eppididimytis but again, never an infection. If i drink wine, that totally irriates my prostate. Its a big issue and affects my quality...
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    White liquid coming out after peeing

    Interesting.. Can using the treadmill affect the prostate or testicles? How so?