Eating Healthy on a Budget

Living a healthylifestyle can be a chore in itself, without worrying about rising cost of maintaining that lifestyle. However, while it is assumed that eating healthilyis almost impossible without spending a ridiculous amount of money, the truth is that if planned and budgeted correctly, a person can feast like a king on a pauper’s dime. The trick is to know what your fitness goals are and to budget accordingly.

Muscle mass requires substantial amounts of protein, so for bodybuilders, it is essential to budget a cheaper whey protein into your monthly grocery budget. While, many will say cheaper proteins such as BodyFortress’s Whey Protein only supplies the body with 17 grams of the 23 grams it advertises, I am the first to say that a few grams of protein less than what is desired is worth saving an extra $10.00to $15.00. Also, those wanting to put on mass can find comfort in knowing that fast food restaurants can be your friend. A grilled chicken wrap, without the dressing at any of the three establishments; McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s cost you $1.29 at the most. While the sodium content and fat content leave much to be desired, it is the meat that you want.

For those wanting to stay lean and maintain muscle mass, the key is to ration out your daily meals stringently. While, bodybuilders can get away with those few extra grams of sodium in their meals, someone wanting to maintain their physique may need to be a little more cautious. A technique in the world of budget weary fitness is Intermittent Fasting. Eating less throughout the day will allow you to splurge a little more at your local Farmers Market, because you will be eating less, thus conserving more food.

Regardless of your goals, there are ways to live a heath conscience lifestyle and not break the bank. There will be compromises along the way, but the goal is to conserve funds. Just remember, a six pack does not need to equal six figures.