• Thyroid Function in Male Infertility

      The two most common types of thyroid diseases are hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Studies assessing the role of hypo- and hyperthyroidism in male infertility have also been conducted in human subjects. Hypothyroidism may result in a decrease in the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) levels and a decrease in total serum testosterone levels, as well as a decrease in the LH and the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) levels . In cases of prolonged pre-pubertal hypothyroidism due to drop in LH and FSH levels, the Leydig and Sertoli cells, respectively are less stimulated to differentiate into mature cells, negatively affecting spermatogenesis. This increases the number of cells in the testes but decreases the number of mature cells. Thus, in patients with hypothyroidism, increased testicular size is observed along with a significant drop in mature germ cells within the seminiferous tubules . Among the studies on human subjects, Corrales Hernandez et al. analyzed blood and semen samples of patients with primary hypothyroidism .
      The study concluded that hypothyroidism adversely affected semen quality by compromising semen volume and progressive sperm motility. Krassas et al. conducted another study on human subjects with hypothyroidism . The authors reported abnormal sperm morphology and decreased motility in the patients. It is therefore evident that hypothyroidism adversely affects male fertility. Similarly, all the studies on hyperthyroidism also reported adverse effects on male reproductive organs and fertility. Clyde et al. by studying individual cases reported adverse effects of hyperthyroidism on semen quality. Clyde looked at three individual case studies of men with hyperthyroidism and infertility. Hormone levels were measured and recorded, and the overall results indicated that all three patients had low sperm counts as well as decreased sperm motility. However, such abnormalities were corrected when the patients were treated for thyroid disease. Therefore, Clyde concluded that male infertility is more common than previously thought in males with hyperthyroidism, possibly in correlation with elevated levels of testosterone, LH, and FSH. Hudson and Edwards after conducting a study on human subjects stated adverse effects of hyperthyroidism on spermatogenesis by altering sex steroid levels. Similarly, Krassas and Perros claimed adverse effects of hyperthyroidism on seminal parameters of human subjects. Most of the studies concerning hyperthyroidism were conducted on human subjects with only one conducted on rats. Rijntjes et al., in their study on rats concluded that hyperthyroidism delays Leydig cell development and adversely affects spermatogenesis .


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      1. Sean Mosher's Avatar
        Sean Mosher -
        This seems to still be SOOO overlooked in treatment except for places like here on this forum.
        Full thyroid panel.
      1. Vince's Avatar
        Vince -
        Quote Originally Posted by Sean Mosher View Post
        This seems to still be SOOO overlooked in treatment except for places like here on this forum.
        Full thyroid panel.
        Yes it is something I'm just discovering. I think all men who are considering trt should first have a complete thyroid panel along with reverse T3. If there's a thyroid problem, have it corrected and then get tested for low testosterone.
        One thing I have noticed since I have been taking synthetic T3, my sperm quality has definitely improved.

        can cytomel by itself be used to treat hypothyroidism

      1. Sean Mosher's Avatar
        Sean Mosher -
        Vince, please keep us posted on how your doing with Thyroid treatment/T3.
        I've followed your thread since starting that treatment and am digging into RT3 and other thryoid issues as a result.
        Thanks for passing it along!
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