• Lithotripsy - what is it and how does it work (kidney stones)

      Thought I would make a post on this as I just had it done.
      I have a bit more information in a few other post leading up to this treatment.
      1. Had an issue develop about 2weeks ago.
      2. Pain building up in lower back right side.
      3. Resolved itself.
      4. Happened again 2 days later.
      5. Said to myself "WE need to go see our URO".
      6. Saw URO next day.
      7. URO said get thee to a CT scan.
      8. Next day had CT scan and went back to URO after the scan and waited for the results.
      9. Results came back and URO said I had an 11 mm stone starting to block flow. Get thee to this DR. NOW!!!!
      10. Went to other UROs office and was schedule for a stint to be put in between the kidney and bladder the next day.
      11. Next day stint was put in (1 March).
      12. I am on blood thinners so had to get them to clear my system and LITHOTRIPSKY was schedule for yesterday (7 March).13. Out patient and signed in at 330 PM. I was last one in line and had procedure done at around 1000 PM.
      14. Slept most of today
      15. Will make follow-up DR appointment tomorrow where they will remove the stint
      Feel better today
      Here is a link to a youtube vid that does a pretty good job of explaining and showing what is done when LITHOTRIPSY is performed.


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      1. Vince's Avatar
        Vince -
        I've never had kidney stones, but I've heard from people that did, they're very painful. Hope you keep feeling better.
      1. Pauly_P's Avatar
        Pauly_P -
        Great video, glad your feeling better! Love the technology, simple and effective.
      1. Orrin Israel's Avatar
        Orrin Israel -
        Here is a great vid that shows the water-filled bladder that is placed over the kidney and how the energy blast work.
        I have a funnel / strainer that I pee into to catch any pieces of the stone to take with me next office visit.
        They can determine what the stone is made of and talk about possible ways too keep from getting them again.
        Currently only catching verrrry small pieces of what must be the broken up stone.
        This looks like the machine that was used on me.
      1. blackebob's Avatar
        blackebob -
        My dad got them, several times when he was my age, I have not. What do you think is the cause of them?
      1. Orrin Israel's Avatar
        Orrin Israel -
        That is why I am trying to catch pieces of the stone so the DR can determine what it is made from and thus what may be causing them. I apparently have a few in the left kidney but they are no way the size of the one that caused me all the issues (11 mm in dia.)
      1. FeelingLost's Avatar
        FeelingLost -
        Quote Originally Posted by Orrin Israel View Post
        That is why I am trying to catch pieces of the stone so the DR can determine what it is made from and thus what may be causing them. I apparently have a few in the left kidney but they are no way the size of the one that caused me all the issues (11 mm in dia.)
        Very interesting thread thank you Orrin. I thought stones were just calcium, boy was I wrong.

        The different types of kidney stones include:

        • Calcium. Calcium stones are the most common. ...
        • Uric Acid. This type of kidney stone is more common in men than in women. ...
        • Struvite. This type of stone is found mostly in women with urinary tract infections. ...
        • Cystine. Cystine stones are rare.

        I hope you are feeling better.
      1. Orrin Israel's Avatar
        Orrin Israel -
        It only hurts when I pee
        When I saw my URO (before the CT scan) and he kept asking me if I wanted any pain meds "just in case", should have taken him up on the offer
        He figured out I either had stones or a tumor.
        If the stone had moved down before I had the stint I would really have been kicking myself in the ass for not taking him up on the "just in case" pain meds
        Some discomfort when peeing now, as the small pieces go on their merry way.
        No way near what it was like after the stint was put in with the stone still there.
        Yep.... I am learning more about kidney stones then I ever wanted to know
      1. Orrin Israel's Avatar
        Orrin Israel -
        Latest update:
        Apparently most stints go in with a "pull string" hanging out of Mr. Happy, and when the time comes you, or the DR/Nurse just pull the stint out.
        Due to size of my stone the stint did not come with a "pull string".
        Had appointment this P.M.
        Removed the stint by using the "camera" scope with some other attachment that grabbed the stint.
        "Take your pants and shorts off"
        "Put the gown on, open in the back."
        "Jump up on this table and lay back."
        "O.K. here we go...."
        Felt like a fishing expedition in my bladder
        I think the DR was running the scope thing and the nurse had control over the "Grabber".
        "O.K. We got it. We will remove it now..."
        "Come back in a month."
        So not a fun experience BUT it was STLL WAY LESS PAINFUL THAN THE KIDNEY STONE ATTACK...
        So Mr. Happy, the kidney and my bladder do feel better with the stint gone
      1. Pauly_P's Avatar
        Pauly_P -
        I'm glad you had that stint removed and all seems well. I almost asked about the pull string as my buddy had one. Hopefully you won't have to endure that again!
      1. Orrin Israel's Avatar
        Orrin Israel -
        I have a co-worker who has had issues many times.
        He has had the "pull string" with his stints.
        He has done it so many times that he just pulls the stint out by himself when it is time
        I did catch some very, very small particles of the stone.
        The lithotripsky must have ponded the stone into talcum powder size particles ( or smaller) as the amount I caught on the sieve was not much.
        DR sent off the particles for evaluation to determine what type stone it was.
        Will get results next appointment and may get guidance on how to mitigate this issue in the future.
        Did pee some blood for about 6 days after removal.
        Slowly tapered off and I don't see any visible blood now.
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