• PSA numbers increasing on testosterone- Should I stop TRT?

      I just had a psa test and the numbers came back--6.7-my previous test 6 months ago was 4.2--i have been on testosterone replacement now for about 18 m0nths the psa numbers had went down from a 5.5 about 10 months ago to a 4.2 and now went back to 6.7--has anyone experienced this type of swing in psa numbers?is this a sign of prostate cancer?should i stop testosterone replacement--i am scheduled to see my urologist next week but any advice anyone can give me i will greatly appreciate---i am very afraid because of all the information about psa numbers and prostate cancer--my last testosterone numbers was 550--i take a dose of testosterone of 5% in lipoderm cream--i am 61 years old-steelworker--thank you keith

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      1. BigJohn's Avatar
        BigJohn -
        I'm 67 years old and have had swings like that. Please don't let a doctor scare you about how serious this may be and also into doing a biopsy at this point. PLEASE read the great prostate hoax. This book was written by the scientist who came up with the PSA test. Also, you should take a look at some of Nelson's post on Test and prostate cancer.
      1. Smokin Joe's Avatar
        Smokin Joe -
        k.a. I would watch and wait . Lots of things affect PSA . All of the guys I know who have cancer have usually had a steady increase in psa. Do not know of any who have had a decrease. I recently had a 10.4 psa come in and it shook me up pretty bad. I took cipro for 10 days and my psa is back to 2.3. I also take a supplement called Pomi-T for my ole prostate. It is backed with a good clinical. See the link. http://www.integrativeoncology-essen...er-supplement/
        Also be aware of the new 3-T MRI which is proving itself to be very accurate in locating cancer before biopsy. I thinks it's great to see what you are reaching for instead of a shot in the dark.
        Good Luck.
      1. Jasen Bruce's Avatar
        Jasen Bruce -
        Prostate cancer is a rare occurrence, I would consider prostatitis or another type of inflammation first. Prostatitis is a more common issue and coincidentally we have been seeing more men who have it lately. Your doctor should be able to diagnose prostatitis, or at least rule out anything serious. Unfortunately prostatitis can last for months or years without subsiding, then all of a sudden it can go away (only to later reemerge).
      1. Phoenix's Avatar
        Phoenix -
        My PSA hovers between 7 & 11. DREs are normal. Personally I'll never get a biopsy or prostatectomy.

        Below is an enlightening article concerning PSA values, etc.

      1. k.a.reese's Avatar
        k.a.reese -
        thanks for the advice everyone--my urologist wants me to have a biopsy nov.5-i have time to make up my mind to have it or not--decision time--big time!should i have another psa test done in a couple weeks to see if the numbers come down?should i stop testosterone therapy until then?many questions going around and around in my head--sleepless nights--anxiety-fear of pain-bleeding-infection--im doing as much research as i can about all this-psa numbers- prostate cancer -difficult for me to do at this time-trying to study to take a test for boiler operators license-very pressed for time
      1. Smokin Joe's Avatar
        Smokin Joe -
        k. a. Keep a check on your psa. I would not have known mine was at 10.4 if I did not check it for myself. Contrary to other opinions I believe that psa is a valid test. Every man that I know who has had a steady increase in psa has had cancer, this includes my brother who just had prostatectomy after a steady increase in psa and biopsy. It is tricky science so study as much as you can before making a decision. Some men have high psa with no cancer but I believe that these men are few and far between.
        Stay in touch and let us know how it goes.
      1. Phoenix's Avatar
        Phoenix -
        Dr. Abraham Morgentaler has done the latest research on TRT & prostate cancer. Below is a good interview with him explaining his findings. (Interview starts at the 14:50 minute mark)
      1. Nelson Vergel's Avatar
        Nelson Vergel -
        I agree with Phoenix. At that level I would not get a biopsy but I would take the strongest antibiotics for at least 6 weeks to see if my PSA decreases if the increase was related to a prostate infection.
      1. Scors60's Avatar
        Scors60 -
        Did you ride a bike and/or have sex within 48 hours of the blood being drawn? I had done both (not simultaneously, I am not that talented) and my last test showed an increase from 1.5 to 3.0. We waited 2 weeks, I stayed off the bike, abstained from anything sexual for 48 hours prior to the test and the retest was back down to 1.7. Also, if your doctor performed the usual rectal exam BEFORE the blood was drawn for a PSA test, it will be higher.
      1. Nelson Vergel's Avatar
        Nelson Vergel -
        Great input, Scors60!
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