• Estradiol, Depression, & Obesity in Men

      Several studies have shown a positive association between depression and obesity; however the underlying mechanisms are not fully understood. It is not known if this association is driven by altered sex hormone levels in men due to increased BMI.

      • A total of 3925 men (2244<60years and 1681>60years) were included into analyses. Associations between BMI, sex hormones and depressive symptomatology according to CES-D score were evaluated.
      • Obese men had, compared to normal weight controls:
      • Lower total testosterone and free testosterone
      • Increased estradiol in older group only. Men <60years old with depressive symptomatology had higher estradiol levels compared to those without depressive symptomatology, however no association with BMI was observed.

      Selected sex hormone parameters were significantly different in overweight and obese compared to normal weight males and certain differences could be seen between younger and older males. Depressive symptomatology was associated with increased estradiol levels in younger men, regardless of BMI.

      "Increased Estrogen Level Can be Associated With Depression in Males," Psychoneuroendocrinology, 2 November 2017


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      1. CoastWatcher's Avatar
        CoastWatcher -
        From the material that could be accessed, it would seem that estradiol was NOT measured via the sensitive, LC, MS/MS lab test. The reference ranges and the fact that the test was conducted by European researchers strongly suggests that.
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