• Is Metformin a Miracle Drug ? : Nelson Vergel Explains

    Jay Campbell invited me to present a review of relevant data on the use of Metformin in men with and without diabetes. I hope you enjoy the work I put into explaining the data to clarify the myths and facts about this old drug that is creating so much interest in the anti-aging world.

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    1. Guided_by_Voices's Avatar
      Guided_by_Voices -

      Thanks a lot for putting this together. I made it all the way through and I learned a lot. A few comments:
      - I think the question on whether it is beneficial for “non-diabetics” needs to take into account that the damage from diabetes has been shown to start well before blood sugar rises into “diabetic ranges”, and even before it starts to rise at all due to the insulin rise shown in the work of Dr. Kraft.
      - If it turns out to have an mTOR inhibiting affect beyond what would come from its inhibition of insulin, then that could make it a sort of poor man’s rapamycin.
      - There seems to be a lot of reports online that is has a pro-erectile affect beyond what could be accounted for in its well-studies actions, so that is likely to be of interest to many here.
      - It will be interesting to see the results of the TAME study, although for the type of health events they are looking for, 5 years is a fairly short period of time to expect to see a large impact, but it will be interesting to see anyway.

      I’m on a lower dose than discussed here and I am cycling it so that I take it primarily around higher carb meals and away from my heaviest activity days, so I’m interested to see how it goes. I’m also hoping for a noticeable anti-inflammatory effect for my knees so we will see. I'll be looking forward to the peptide discussion.
    1. Howardb's Avatar
      Howardb -
      Metformin to Augment Strength Training Effective Response in Seniors (MASTERS): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial


      Study has potential potential to make Metformin the new crack for 60+. Personally, I'm finding it is making me weaker in the gym and sleepy afterwards. Some research suggests it might suppress mitochondrial ATP production in muscles by as much as half which would explain. Met does suppress cravings for me. It becomes a pro/con trade off. I like Guided_by_Voices approach of lowering dose and cycling to avoid taking it before heavy workout days. Interested in how that is going or what others are doing.
    1. Orrin Israel's Avatar
      Orrin Israel -
      Which type is more effective. ER or standard?
    1. Jack Newell's Avatar
      Jack Newell -
      ER 100% Much less gastrointestinal issues.
    1. LTChris's Avatar
      LTChris -
      Has anyone use metformin specifically for Gut issues? Such as IBS or bloating issues. I have some gut health problems and wonder if that might be worth looking into? Or if I could even get prescribed for such a reason?
    1. FeelingLost's Avatar
      FeelingLost -
      I recently read metformin can help reduce Glucose Serum. Can anyone confirm that?
      How can I decide of metformin is something I should try?
      I am not diabetic in fact over the last year I droped my A1c from 6.4 to 5.5 could metformin still help me get my Glucose/HDL/LDL under control?

    1. Nelson Vergel's Avatar
      Nelson Vergel -
      It is not a toxic drug although it is contraindicated in people with kidney dysfunction. You can always try it and make sure you run a CBC and lipid panel before you do and after 8 weeks.
    1. Nelson Vergel's Avatar
      Nelson Vergel -
      I really like this guy's videos. Simple but comprehensive.