you want to know who has best...Whey, Vitamins, supplements


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Check out . They test products in their lab and the results can be very suprising. For instance I just switched my Whey Protein to a brand that cost half of what I was paying. Stop paying for marketing and start paying for real results...check this out. I am not affiliated with labdoor in any capacity. I have switched mutivitamins and protein powder due to labdoors test result. You can see the labs for free.
Good link thanks. My protein got an A-, Dymatize ISO100, though not top 5 it's a whey hydrolysate , which is faster absorbing than just about all the wheys ranked above it. Plus I get 5lbs for $70 through, a huge discount.
Thanks to labdoor I:
1. Saved a boatload on FishOil as the Sam's Club Simply Right Triple Strength Fish Oil was ranked 9th just a couple notches below Ocean Blue. They ranked 3rd in Value though and surprisingly, Vitamin Shoppe's Fish Oil ranked ahead of Blue Ocean and ahead of Sam's on Value. Now I'd have to see if that is online only, but surprising.
2. As a low-carber, figured out that my Nature's Best Zero Carb Isopure was ranked 2nd. Good enough.

Other surprising finds:
Costco's CoQ10 was ranked 4th....... I recently bought Sam's version it seemed rather new. However there are better bang for the buck options than Costco but for folks who shop there it's rather convenient.

As much as many of us take, if you can save a few dollars without sacrificing quality why not?