White House Physician Details Trump's 'Excellent Health

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The president currently takes rosuvastatin (Crestor) at 10 mg/day to lower his cholesterol, low-dose aspirin for his cardiac health, and Propecia to prevent male pattern baldness. He also uses a cream for his rosacea, as needed, and takes a daily multivitamin, Jackson said.Trump's resting heart rate was 68; his blood pressure 122/74 and his heart exam overall was "normal." Jackson reported a "regular rhythm, no murmurs or other abnormal heart sounds" and his ECG was also "normal" with a sinus rhythm rate of 71 at a normal axis.
His total cholesterol was reported as 223; triglycerides 129; HDL 67; and LDL 143. Hemoglobin A1c was 5%. Trump's uncorrected visual acuity was 20/30 and his thyroid function was reported as normal.
I guess for a 70 or 71 year old that's pretty good. He's overweight so he could drop several pounds which would/should help with his total cholesterol and LDL levels.
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His HDL and A1C looks good. He's really not into exercising except for golfing, so I'm assuming he's not too worried about his weight.
Looking at pictures of the first lady I'm wondering if there's something else he's on that they didn't say just guessing. Billionaires probably have access to a little bit better crap than trimix though


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Presidents get sick and old like all the rest of us. To be President you have to have really thick skin.
Sorry to crash the party, but I think he's not healthy at all.He's overweight, binges on junk food, has mood swings, and I think the wife is there to make guys like us believe he is still virile. He doesn't exercise, thinks that it wears guys out and men who exercise are run down. Trophy wife and bloodwork doesn't equal health and happiness.
Not to cause problems but I call Bull**it on those numbers. A guy who, fairly regularly eats a meal consisting of 2 Big Mac's , 2 Filet o' fish and a small Chocolate shake.... and Still have those BP and heart rate numbers??? NO way.