Where to buy syringes for testosterone, HCG, vitamins online without a prescription

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any current deals on 29g 1cc 1/2 syringes out there...coupon codes? I've got some "sure comfort" that don't live up to the comfort name, would like to go back to monoject but healthwarehouse is out of stock. Or B-D brand...places trying to murder me for shipping.
I took Markee's suggestion and bought from Southeatern Medical. I bought the same as Markee, 28g x 1/2" easy touch and am very pleased with them. They load very fast in spite of their size and injections are rarely felt. So easy. I do test cyp SQ in belly fat twice weekly. Thanks Markee!!
Hello I was just wondering if I purchased from health warehouse, if they would keep it confidential and put it in a ups box? I would be getting it sent to my school and I don't want the mail room workers to make a huge fuss
I just received my shipment of 200 23 gauge 1 inch syringes from HealthWarehouse. It took them 10 days but good prices. I use these syringes to inject testosterone cypionate on my glutes once a week along with vitamin B-12 or amino acids from Defy Medical.
Nelson, I get why you you are now moving to glut IM ( 4ml volume?). But why such a heavy gauge when 27 is just fine?